Valve sticks it to "the man" (no not freeman)


Finally someone steps up to EA and their attempts to monopolize the gaming industry, thank you Valve and Gabe.



EA, buying out your favorite game studios since westwood


Saw this earlier. Good on ya, Valve. They already got their money grubbing penis firmly entrenched in Bioware’s ass, it’s nice to know Gabe keeps a knife handy.


Yeah, Valve! Yeah SCIENCE!


This won’t ever happen obviously, but if EA ever bought out valve I’m sure BM would have been shut down in a heartbeat.


Oh yeah, because EA is money hungry. Damn. Now I really do appreciate Valve.


Hell yeah! That’s a pretty good word, “disintegrate.” Good for Valve, shove it up EA’s asses.

I’m sure they’d ask to bring them in and have it as a payed product. If they disagree, then comes the cease and desist.

I love you right now, heh heh.


…breaking bad?


That’s what I thought.


Fuck Off EA,


This is good news…

But the future is still uncertain for many as long as EA lives.


Picturing EA as Gaston and Valve as Belle now.


Finally, and also, fuck EA, Valve makes more than 1 fucking billion dollars.


With Newell’s networth being ~1.5 billion that’s just insulting.


I was really hoping to see Valve counter-offer to purchase EA for like $200m


Man, Valve knows how to shove up big, money hungry, game companies up the ass
Fuck EA, they are destined to fall


It was refuse the offer or implement the bring-a-bomb-to-work day initiative.[COLOR=‘Black’] (does anyone remember who came up with that? I can only remember the quote.)
They made the right choice.


If anybody were to buy them, digital distribution of games & software would suffer a decade worth of setbacks.


That would solve a lot of problems, actually.


I figure they just Laughed and said no. JJ Jameson style.