Valve sticks it to "the man" (no not freeman)


Valve is one of the most profitable companies around. For what possible reason could they even consider this? Is EA delusional or something?


I bet.


Seriously, EA should’ve offered 10+ billion.
I’d sell the fuck out.

Bad judgement. Seriously, am I the only one thinking it’s some kind of a PR exercise?




100% expected.


Well, turns out 90% of this thread is a lie. Disappointing, really. I was hoping that Valve actually gave EA the middle finger instead of just ignoring them like they usually do. One can dream, though.

Btw, @OldDirtyBastard: I can’t stop watching your signature.


If it continues how it is, would it be that surprising that valve ended up being worth more than EA? and lets face it, valve buying EA might solve a few issues : )


Valve is estimated to be worth approximately $3 billion with Gabe Newell himself being worth an estimated $1.5 billion.

EA are gonna have to do WAAAY better than that.