Various Public Beta Bugs

I don’t have location data (due to jotting these things down before making an account and not knowing the format), but I will do the best I can to describe them. Will have location data next time.

  1. Ending scenes with the G-Man bugged out and showed this image for about 30 seconds.

  1. [VISUAL BUG] Various hologram textures and Gluon Gun beams do not seem to be properly on top layer (not sure about the technical terms for this one).

  1. The circular lifts in the areas with the Vorganaut machinery can cause you to be stuck if you are under the ledge when they rise (hope I explained this well enough).

  1. [CRASH] If you shoot at Gonarch with a couple of rockets across any of the areas where you are not directly fighting her, the game will crash.

  1. [VISUAL] Rock is not connected to ground near entrance to army base. Do not have location data, but I hope the pictures can help.

  1. Possible to get stuck in this location in the operating room.

  1. Crossbow doesn’t seem to have a reticle when set to classic aim mode.

  2. “Rare Specimen” achievement does not work on public-beta build. Hat goes in portal, but no achievement is given.

  3. [MINOR] Right clicking with the Tau Cannon on empty causes it to do the charge animation infinitely.

  4. Music didn’t seem to play during the final boss fight? Or it was really quiet? Not sure.

Sorry if my report is really messy. Will have location data next time!! Thank you!

One thing I noticed was that, when in Xen, if you attack one of those stabby-plants they seem to wither away, but if you reload your save, it will go back to normal. I guess it “regenerates” along with the map. Not that important I guess but I share just in case.

Probably the best places to report bugs are the steam form AND the DISCORD.
do both
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#7: Did the crossbow have a reticle, if fired from the hip?