Various Sound script and sound issues


1.Vortigaunt Claw strike no script and no sound
2. Assassin Kick Script not found in scripts
3. Assassin Flips or cartwheels no sound or script
4. Assassin Hit Strike no script or sound
5. Bullsquid tail whip no hit sound or script
6. Alien Grunt Shove.hit not working
7. Houndeye Sonic.damage not working menu option does not work houndeye tinnitus
8. Alien Grunt hit sounds no script or sound present
9. RPG no right click toggle sound script or sound
10. npc_grunt.weaponbash is buggy sometimes works sometimes does not
11.Ceiling sentry turrets have no sound for when they die and no script for a sound to play as a dedicated die sound.
12. Grenade only has one throw sound and no alternative for the short throw

  1. Crowbar - Making it act as if in gold source on occasion

The fundamental difference is that the crowbar knows what it is hitting in gold source , if you hit metal it makes a clang if you hit an npc it makes a thud but with that said the normal hit sounds used in Black mesa are fine for reacting to wooden boxes and sand walls they blend very well. This is more about replication than an error or bug but I thought I would suggest the idea for programming this feature if possible.



Got same problem
not sure if this wil be patched up