Visuals do not seem updated


I’ve been playing through BM these past couple of days and stumbled upon this video:
It’s a comparison between BM before and after the Dec 2017 update, and I thought I’d watch it to see what it used to look like. My game looks exactly like the pre-update shots in the video. Most noticeable is the satellite launch. I’ve enabled all the graphics settings in the Black Mesa panel, and all my graphics settings are maxed out. I’m not sure if I’m missing something.


You have to subscribe to the Public Beta by doing the following;

Open Steam and go to your Library

Right click on Black Mesa
Select the beta you would like to opt into:
choose “public-beta - This branch is for our public beta” from the dropdown.

FYI: If you have ANY mods installed I would recommend that you uninstall them first and restart your computer before subscribing to the public beta.
Some mods don’t play well with it.


Ahh, I somehow completely missed that, and it is stated in the release notes. Thank you.