Viva La Vida by Coldplay- Devl's arrangement.

 First off, I play trumpet. I have been playing for four years, and I will keep playing until I die. I don't like to brag, but I'm one of the best trumpeters in the region, in the best marching band in the region. I decided sit down, take a song I liked, transpose it, and write it out. This is the final product. It took me roughly 2.5 hours to finish completely. I took all of this from some piano music I printed out, popped the notes up a whole step or so, and thought it sounded pretty good. Take a look and see what you think of it.  :slight_smile: 

Second of all, I guess this will be the thread where I post all of my covers, music videos (on the trumpet, I can’t sing,) and all music related objects. I welcome everyone else to post their original (or covered) songs!

Reminds me of Runescape, back in the day.

Yea but if i heard this shiz in runescape i may have lasted more then the first day!

It sounds amazing, it feels like something from an old school Final Fantasy game.

Please tell me you have more of these delicious musics.

Neat-o. Now record yourself playing both parts and I promise to listen all the way through. :slight_smile:

This was my first arrangement. I’ll probably make more covers sometime soon.

I was thinking of having me and a couple friends do it. I need three because the first part splits into divisi (division of a single part) a couple times.