Vortiguants still look like garbage :(

Well TECHNICALLY… my voice is heard throughout the office complex over the announcement system. :wink: So you have ever reason to keep going! Originally I was also heard as the female assassins grunting as they fell or got shot, but someone made a comment that they sounded too ‘sexual’ (me: wtf?) so they got someone else to do the hits and grunts and had them do them softer. :shrug:imnothurt:much:

Anyway. I can appreciate your desire to see things to perfection, and I can agree with it too. Believe it or not (please no one shoot me!) there are a few things about BM that I personally do not care for that I think they missed the boat on too. I am not going to go into it, but because of those pieces, I personally feel HL original is better. (shock!amazeballs!gasp!) In the end, it is these types of discussions that makes this community spicy and fun. We all have our own preferences of how things should look, feel, taste like, and when you love something as much as we do, you get rather frustrated when it takes a turn in a different direction. Creatively or otherwise. :shrug: It isnt my project tho. That is what I have to keep telling myself. Things that are important to ME, may not be top priority to the creators. Then again, maybe what I like, they think is shoddy.

We all have to appreciate what they offer and make peace with the fact that they don’t always creatively focus on things we would.

“I mean, besides the fact that I have to listen to Kelly Bailey while playing,” huh? Kelly Bailey is NOT anywhere in our game.

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Oh I know, I keep his whole soundtrack on my command bar. There’s also mods that bring his work back into the game. Workshop is seriously my favorite place to spice up Black Mesa and make it more Half Life-y. It actually has made me appreciate how much they did right, Black Mesa.

I think the game now with the workshop and Xen is probably going to steal me hours from me than Half Life 2 did, which is quite something to me.

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God, this brings me back to what this forum was like over 10 years ago. People arguing about how to interpret half life’s vague 90s bullshit, and how incorrect these fan’s interpretation is compared to these other fans.

Go back to 2009.

I briefly came back to the forum to see how the community had evolved, this is a huge fucking regression.

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“Regression” suggests a “progression” at one point. :wink: You sir have missed the muck and mire for way too long. Welcome back!

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I, for one, want the sexy assassin’s voice back. :ok_hand:

Thank you sir. I had worked very hard to make hits sound like hits, and falls sound like falls… but alas, the team decided on something different. :shrug: Oh well.


Really? I thought the Office Complex announcement system lines were cut from the map, so while they were still in the game files they didn’t play anywhere. I remember a developer saying they didn’t want to overwhelm players with the announcement system or something.

I’d honestly really like it if they added them back in…

This is news to me. :worried:

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This is also news to me and I am now sad.

Surely there is a misunderstanding… surely

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Sorry but that guy “Braindead” who does all the classic npc mods… Surely a no brainer to bring him onboard.

It is a clear gap in Black Mesa Skillset and they have never really updated hardly any npc’s from half life enhanced mod.

Not complaining but they need somone who can improve on the alien npc’s across the roster and perhaps be able to make decent looking new ones if needed.

I have to agree with you on that. I was expecting some super cool looking enemies and gibs.

I REALLY missed the old vortigaunt battle sounds when I played through. Made the enemy kind of boring.

I honestly don’t get all the hostility and… Passionate opinions on how the Collective did the Xenians. They felt like a natural evolution of the style to me, when looking at how Valve changed the headcrabs, barnacles, and icthyosaur in Half-Life 2. Darker, meatier, more alien-looking. I also figured the changed slave armor was just that, a change in aesthetic design, not meant to actually be different armor. Just works, in my opinion.

If we were to get redesigned Xenians though, I’d like to see the main body of the Vortigaunt updated to more closely match what we saw in Half-Life: Alyx.

As far as Braindead’s models, they’re good for what they’re meant to be, but in my opinion they just look too cartoony to match Black Mesa’s style. Especially their bullsquid. But that’s basically just a texture issue.

But I do agree that the slave armor looks a bit dated, even with how it’s been edited for Black Mesa. Hit me with Braindead’s slave armor (with toned-down colors, way too saturated to fit in BM on its own) on Alyx’s vortigaunt model.