Vr rig


Hello, I’m interested in building a rig that could run any of the new games on max specs, on vr more specifically on the oculus rift, money is an issue as always but I’m not willing to compromise quality but also I don’t want to over do it by buying the most expensive parts and not use them to their full capacity as I did in the past, so if anyone’s good at this stuff could you please give me some direction, thank you.



If you have to build one today i would follow the oculus rift recommendations.
I don’t see how you would be wasting unneeded capacity since your requirements are to run the latest games on max specs and that’s setting the bar as HIGH as is possible. You will need everything you can afford.
At that level everything comes into play from ram timing to gpu memory.

You might explain further about what your trying to do, the price range, do you plan on overclocking, are you running multiple monitors or 4k resolutions etc…

Faster and Better parts are just around the corner.
AMD’s new Polaris architecture is supposed to come out this summer.
Nvidia announced the GTX 1000 series of GPUs based on their new Pascal architecture, so don’t rush into anything until you have done some serious research.

I like hardocp.com for reviews, they test products versus unboxing them and posting “Cool, it’s Shiny”
Bluesnews.com is an old but good website that posts links to gaming and hardware stuff.

Personally, If it was me I would wait 6 months to a year while you research. By that time VR benchmarks will be everywhere and you will have a better understanding of your requirements…



Thank you for your elaborate response. I never liked the idea of over clocking, neither do I care about 4k or multiple monitors, at best I would care about dual oculus, if that’s even a thing yet. But you’re right, I do need to research more, i
If only I’d have the patience to wait for better reviews, it’d make my life ten times easier