Weird graphical model outlines


I hope I am on correct website, during Christmas I bought Black Mesa on Steam, but I face weird graphical issues during gameplay. I see weird model outlines during movement. On the picture below it is outline of the person and outline of recycle bin.

Before I used the free version of Black Mesa, which I did not play, because I faced the same issue. During Christmas I bought it on Steam in hope it will be better, but it is the same…Has someone the same experience?

Here is my notebook specification

BaseBoard Product Lenovo B50-80
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Processor Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU
Display Intel® HD Graphics 5500

What mods do you have.

I think none, I only installed it from steam. But I used before free version of Black Mesa from Web, maybe there were some mods. Could they share install location? Where can I look for mods?

My path is:
[Drive]:\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\BMS for the old Black Mesa: Source, and:
[Drive]:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Black Mesa
So… probably not? You can check yours by going to the first path, and see if there is a Mods or similarly-named folder. It is also possible that they share common resources, which may not be obvious.
Someone with more expertise should probably also respond.