weird mouse issues


I’m trying to play demo and can’t figure this out.
While trying to play the default view is to be looking at floor, I can use the mouse to look up but then it quickly slides back down to floor again.
I’ve tried to change mouse setting in menu but nothing seems to work.
I trolled the forums and don’t see anyone else has this issue.
I just played Portal 2 last night and finished Mass effect 3 last week so mouse is fine as far as I can tell.
Will try a reinstall and will let you kknow if this works
My rig is AMD 9750 quad core 2.4 ghz
4gb ram, 32 bit windows 8 pro
AMD radeon 7800 graphic card 2gb ram

Any ideas would be great, can’t play with these terrible neck issues




maybe you have a wireless xbox 360 or any other game controller plugged in and the analog stick axis dead zone is not large enough, try disconnecting any physical input devices, disable any virtual ones and try again

also check in the key binds if you don’t have look down bound to anything that could be pressed but I’m not sure if those still appear in the list of controls



No. No other contollers plugged in.
Tried to asign keyboard button to look up but doesnt work.
Reinstalled demo to no avail.
Still scratching my head on this, have never had this issue nor heard of this before…
Thanks for the response.



to me it sounds like the mouse is not being re-centered properly, but I never observed this issue in a source game so I am out of ideas for now (maybe a windows 8 issue)