Welcome to the new forums!


Thank you and everyone for the wonderful feedback. I’ll be actively working on addressing most of these including further development to the design of the forums.



Thank you for all the hard work Hubicorn! It is going to take a bit of getting used to, but I certainly appreciate the extreme efforts that you and the team have done to make this a great place to be~!



There is more than one way to do it:
~~strikethrough~~: strikethrough
<s>strikethrough</s>: strikethrough

You can also do this:
<del>deleted</del>: deleted
<ins>inserted</ins>: inserted



so ah… how do you mark all as read? Currently I have over 900 threads unread. :scream:



Try clicking Unread (…) at the top of the main page. Then click the Dismiss button on the right hand side of the page (I haven’t actually tried it myself yet).



Looks like it worked! thanks!



So just curious, what’s the plan for the actual visual side of things? Are we going to go back to something that was more or less the same as before or are we going for a complete overhaul?

That side of things should definitely not go underestimated, because if we want an influx of new people again we need them to not be completely turned off.

Either way I’m pretty excited for it (as long as it doesn’t stay like this…), and glad we’ve moved to something better, or at least is under the surface.



Well after more than a year, it feels great finally being able to log back into my account at all, so the new forums are already a win for me. It might not be the most stylized at the moment, but it’s functional. The only thing really bugging me is the icon being straight white



That was the goal of this, to bring us back to a functional state.

Now that we are functional, the next phase is the forum design. What you see now is not final and only exists to get us off our feet :slight_smile:



Nice! I use discourse exclusively now.
Good choice.

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3 posts in a row limit is weird when posting in the “OMG X is on Sale” thread.

20 character minimum is no bueno. Maybe 3 char min to allow for yes/no answers etc.

No Pinch Zoom/Expand on mobile. arrgh mine eyes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

uh the forum emoji no emoj unless a space is entered before it:tired_face: . I’ve seen other forums that auto-space when an emoji is used.

running chrome on a 2017 10" Amazon Fire HD



I noticed that links to this forum that were created before the switch are now broken.

from this thread



[I seem to have lost the ability to edit my mod pages (Pre-Disaster Questionable Ethics and Pre-Disaster Anomalous Materials) in the change, along with the media posts linked from them. Could this be restored, or am I better off just making a new page for updates on those mods?



This forum software appears to have a default post edit time limit of 60 days (86400 minutes).

On a side note, there’s also a 5 minute edit grace period during which you can edit your post without creating a new revision (useful for getting rid of silly typos and errors which would otherwise be forever publicly visible in your post’s edit history.)



You can “manually” fix it by bugging the living shit kindly flagging your own posts for the mods/admins to fix it for you.



A lot of avatars appear to have suddenly become broken:

The issue seems to be affecting only auto-generated letter avatars.

The 45x45 pixel avatars are still working though:

EDIT : Correction: Only the 45x45 pixel avatars shown on the main page seem to be working (for the accounts that are affected.)

EDIT 2019-02-27 : At this point, it looks like all the letter avatars have gone 404.



Yeah, I never changed mine from the default and now I have no avatar. I guess I could add one…



Found a work around on the lack of pinch zoom on mobile chrome.
Just check the Desktop Site box and voila, pinch zoom works.



The issue with the broken auto-generated avatars is exacerbated in Chrome.

There is no way to see who last posted in some of the threads shown in the screenshot above, unless you open the thread in question.

Unlike Firefox, Chrome doesn’t show placeholder images for the 404s, and collapses them to 0x0 pixel images, which means you can’t click on the avatar to bring up the user card, in order to see who posted. Nor can you hover the mouse pointer over the avatar area to see the tooltip showing the user’s (full or alt) name. As a result, there is no way to see who last posted in a given thread from the topic list.

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The issue has been resolved. Deeply apologize for that delay.