well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


I know this won’t end well here, but fuck it.

Alright, just to kick things off. Halo is a generic uninspired shooter that’s attracted nothing but kids. It has an uninspired story like and repetitive level design that puts too much stress on backtracking. Goldeneye is what really streamlined console shooter controls (even though the N64 controller is unlike anything in existence and is untranslatable to any other console, therefore rendering any “control innovation” made on the console complete forfeit). This looks exactly the same as the last three games I never played. Blah Blah Blah. I get it. We all get it. Alright, now on the actual thread.

Holy shit, that BR is fuck ugly.

The new armor is growing on me, and the new permutations are nice. I like that they brought back the plated knuckles from the Halo 1 first person model.

Glad sprint is back.

The new sound design direction is nice.

The new OST direction does not hold a candle to Marty’s composition. That fast rhythm no substance shit doesn’t fly here. I hope other tracks are better.

The overall graphical improvements are cool. The sun shafts look damn nice compared to other implementations. The aesthetic has the detail of Reach with the vibrant color scheme of Halo 3, which I love. It can only get better from here, and it’s not bad atm. I also have to give em credit on the presentation. What we saw obviously wasn’t gussied up at all. The frank delivery helped sell me on 343’s efforts. I like it.

So, anyone else’s thoughts? Like, the people who actually care and are interested though.


Halo still milking the cash cow I see… not that there bad games.


I’d rather an endless stream of sci fi fantasy dramatic space opera about super soldiers and the origin story of life on earth than an endless stream of anti-Russian propaganda military crime thrillers about nukes.


I actually hope this turns out to be good. I don’t plan on getting an xbox any time soon though so I probably won’t play it for a long time. It’d be pretty cool if they actually made a PC version themselves this time around, instead of outsourcing it and then blaming bad sales on the PC rather then on the fact that they pissed people off with their OS restrictions and joke of a multiplayer model.


Same, though I myself will be torn as to what platform to get it on if it does go crossies.

All my friends have the 360, and will certainly get it on that… But I love the PC functionality.


I didn’t play Halo past Evolved Combat so any comments by me are irrelevant.


Why the hell do they feel the need to explore his “humanity”?

The character just doesn’t need to be explored in the games.

I don’t know do you guys think that the last few halo games were a success because master chief was in-depth personal character?

And don’t be using novels or books as an excuse those are mediums that require good character depth not something a game requires.


I’m reserving my thoughts on whether or not it should be done until I see it’s being done right or not.


I’m not entirely sure what to think of 343 at this time. In the trailer it was mentioned that Spartan IVs were involved in the multiplayer, which kind of caught me off guard. Why would MP need a story? I’ve been fine shooting red guys without reason. In this article, it is mentioned that there will be abilities unlocked through progression that will be accessed through load out. Halo multiplayer has always been good to me because I can pick it up and play it at any time and still be on the same level as someone who plays it daily, because there is no progression other than aesthetic. I don’t want to have to play a lot to be competitive.


Awww shit. God damn it. Why?


They should know better!


im pretty sure that what ruined CoD. well. up untill [email protected] that wsa there last good MP, everything there after has just fallen short.
from what mp i played of halo i had a little fun, not enough to keep me going at it. so 343 have to be careful about how they approach Halo 4 and not turn it into another mummy mummy i want the man in the green suit game!


At least try.


Looks and sounds absolutely fucking incredible. I like the whole Gundam Wing direction the art style is going, like what happened with Deus Ex 3.

I’m relieved that 343 is capable of producing this kind of quality stuff. Halo Anniversary was a disgusting first impression and I was expecting disappointment.


Since the last one was actually challenging and some-what good at telling an interesting story, I may actually try and get into this series now.

Look pretty good.


This looks like it has potential.

I’m not biting yet, but it looks like it has potential.

They need to not follow Bungie’s formula to a T, and I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


@xalener’s anti-hater disclaimer: Honestly, I’ll be really happy if this game DOES pull a CoD and hardly changes from the sequel. I’m late to gaming and really only got into Halo 2 and 3, but they were mine and my friends’ big party games. Fucking loved those games. Then bam, Reach comes along. Butchered the multiplayer gameplay so badly I just couldn’t play it. For example aim assist up the ass. Reach game parties never came close to the good ol’ Halo 2-3 parties, even for the people who did like Reach. 343 Industries may be new, but I’m hopeful that they can give me my fucking Halo back. And if it is too similar to Halo 3, I’m not gonna be the one buying it, so I won’t care that it’d be a 60 dollar remake.

That said 343 Industries isn’t even pretending that they think of Halo as anything but a cash cow. I remember a dev in an interview saying “It was great that we had the entire Halo universe to work with, but we had to chose which part of the story to tell. Master Chief makes the most money, so we picked him.”

Sidenote: Halo is the only game that has ever gotten me to consistently enjoy playing on a console as opposed to a pc. Needless to say since Halo 3 shifted into the background I haven’t touched a console without despising it.


They said that this game is bringing in a more cinematic feel. I look forward to this. The OP said that you often have to backtrack in these games, which, in my opinion, really tore away from the progressing story. It just seemed to me like “I want to get to the next cutscene”.

That was probably something I liked about Call of Duty. It seemed like the plot was on-going. Not Play - Watch - Play - Watch and so on.


Implying Halo didn’t have aim assist before Reach. Cute.

There is one situation that is still very clear in my mind where I died because my aim assist fucked me over, in Halo 3. I was shooting a guy with the needler, and some clown ran between us, my aim locked on to him, so I didn’t get the supercombine and the guy I was trying to kill finished me off.

Don’t act like aim assist wasn’t there in Halo 2 and 3. If it wasn’t, nobody would have hit shit unless they were amazing at the game. I don’t know how it was in Halo 2, but in Halo 3 it was pretty terrible and could have been turned down.


Halo 2’s aim assist was ridiculous and it had bullet magnetism beyond that so your reticle didn’t even have to be on target to kill.


I’d love to see Halo 4’s multiplayer be Halo 3-esque rather than Reach-esque. Don’t get me wrong, Reach is hella fun as a party game, but for reasons I can’t explain because I’m too dumb to express my feelings adequately, there’s something about Reach that lacks the “charm” of the trilogy’s multiplayer. I like to think it’s something other than nostalgia prompting that feeling.

But yeah, the game looks freakin’ sweet.