well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


I just don’t like that they’re making part of the game day one DLC for limited edition buyers and DLC for others, what if i want everything the game has to offer, offline only? If you can customize the singleplayer armor like in reach i don’t want to have to go online just to get all of it.


You can’t, you play as Master Chief.

John’s armor is set in stone… well, for the duration of the campaign in which he appears.


Well there’s always going to be the endless debate of WHAT AM BEST CORE WEAPON between the BR, DMR, and Carbine. Especially now that all three are in the same game.

You should see all the rage at the Halo forums about the BR being a 5SK instead of a traditional 4SK.


Dat operator.

Vehicles are what I like most about Halo. I’m at home in the driver’s seat of a Warthog or Ghost. I like this addition. I hope it works well to prevent some of the old BS, and causes minimal new BS.


I’m really digging the Evangelion/sleek look. The armor looks almost like the Elite armor from Halo 3. It’s aerodynamic, and shiny in a better way than the Halo 3 armor was. 3’s was almost plastic-y. Some of the armor looked even like Geth from Mass Effect. Now all I need to decide on is the retailer to preorder from/the preorder bonus. Leaning towards Amazon or Best Buy.


I preordered from Gamestop for the Forest armor skin. I can imagine some nice color permutations coming out of that.

Although I really wanted that Arctic skin for the Battle Rifle…


Just almost? :stuck_out_tongue:

also new trailer

Nice looking faces.

It’s funny, the art director on the game is the same guy that was in charge of Doom III. Figures, as that also had that sleek Japanese aesthetic. Like a mix of Kow Yokoyama and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko.


That trailer has been out for a while now actually. I saw it in the theaters when I went to see batman. :stuck_out_tongue:

The music is amazing by the way.


Really? Fuck, I guess they just now decided to release them.


Well the version that was shown in the theaters also had a voice over telling about how much making Halo 4 was like making a movie.

And I agree. Seriously, they’re using the same soundstage and performance capture technology that was used to make Avatar, including facial performance capture… And that’s just for cutscenes.

And the music really sounds like it belongs in some epic movie too.


Well, Neil Davidge is awesome.


the Bass at 2:13 always gets me.

And who could forget his best fucking work?




So far, I’m actually pretty happy with how this is turning out, but the armor looks like crap, the only sets that look any good excluding chiefs is the operator and the engineer.

I heard there is going to be a sentry turret as an armor ability, I wonder how that will work and what that will be like.


I actually kind of agree. I hope they have a good version of Mark V, EOD, and GUNGNIR, at least.


I actually like allovem so far :confused:



New article on Neil Davidge and his epic work.

Also contains some OST samples so that’s pretty awesome :slight_smile:

And some OST remixes (already?!) which are… interesting, to say the least.


Anyone else kind of…put off by the enemy redesigns? The Elites look really cool, and I guess the Grunts are okay (disregarding the canon-raping breather alterations), but have you seen the Jackals?

The fuck happened?



clever girl :ninja:

In all honesty though, pretty much all of it is an artistic design choice meant to separate the new series from the old. Some of it I agree with, and others… well… We’ll see. I’d probably just get used to them anyway.


I’m put very on by the change. In fact, fuck you. This is the best the Jackals have ever looked.

They got wise and grew some fucking balls, that’s what the fuck happened.

Also,yes yes yes yes yes.


They look like Chimera soldiers from Resistance.


They are supposed to be weak, frail, wiry bird lizards. With long beak-snouts. And feathers. This is why they utilize shield gauntlets. They aren’t supposed to have the head of a motherfuckin allosaurus. They’re head looks way to big for their body and it looks ridiculous.

Not to mention this destroys their gameplay purpose in that Jackals are supposed to be one-shotted. They introduce variety, along with Grunts, in a cast of looming alien monsters. It looks like one would be lucky to kill one of these guys with a couple of frags.

Also, based on canon…these just aren’t Jackals. This is almost as bad as getting rid of the Elites’ squid heads.