well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


Yeah, the team they got together for 343 is the most amazing group of badasses I’ve ever seen under one roof. It’s kind of a shame they’re going to be limited to one IP. Hopefully when Microsoft realizes they need more exclusives, they’ll use these same guys to do something non-Halo.

More exile gameplay[/SIZE]
also, holy fuck what?


New 10 minute doc[/SIZE]


343 seems to be a doing an outstanding job on this. The cutscenes appear more in-depth than in previous iterations and character designs look a lot more polished and refined all-around.

I’m looking forward to this one more than any previous Halo.


They’re using the exact same technology and the exact same soundstage that James Cameron used to make Avatar.

Now THAT is what I call high-quality game development. :jizz:


Looks like I’m actually gonna really enjoy griffball this time around.


Griffball might have tipped the scales. I think I’ll preorder Halo 4 when I pick up Borderlands 2 later this month.


This is the full PAX panel:



Promethean class variants revealed via GameInformer!


Also, the full track Awakening from the OST was recently released and it is EPIC:



Neil Davidge has never done a bad thing and probably never will.


I just came here to say I was watching some footage in my living room has a pretty kick ass sound system using the youtube app on the 360.

This is one of the best sounding games I’ve ever heard. Seriously, this is sonic sugar.


I can’t stop listening to Awakening. It’s addictive.

I literally have it on repeat right now.


ughh I’m not sure I like where all this is going. I hope there’s a classic mode again, I’m not going to hate on them for wanting to evolve the game and all, but I’m just not a fan of “do this because every game is doing this now”.

I can’t wait for release though, I’m a big Halo fan so you bet I’m getting the midnight launch and skipping a day of school afterwards lol. Nothing beats the Halo 3 launch for me though, it still makes me giddy inside thinking back to it.


Honestly it’s less about “do this because every game is doing it” and more about “do it because otherwise the fanbase will stagnate with zero new players, but at the same time make sure the new elements don’t suck the way they might suck in other games”.

But if not, then yeah they’ve announced a while back that they’re dedicating a whole playlist to Classic mode on launch.

It seems as of now the vast majority of the core fanbase likes the new direction more than Reach.


All the MLG tryhards that have played it seem to be in love, and you know how they are.


New Promethean ViDoc is up!



Kind of


Kind of…?


:fffuuu: :awesome: :jizz: