well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


Reach multiplayer is less about fruity colored guys blasting eachother and more about a gruesome routine of thorough murdering.
All of the maps are either the same drab forge world map or stripped from its own campaign, and even campaigns from halo 2 and 3.

But hey, change is good, I wouldn’t have wanted to pay for halo 2’s multiplayer for a third time.


well, the way it really was is that the MP maps were blocked out, then laid into a moment into the campaign, then detailed… so really they were MP maps designed to be MP maps, but with with some context in the story.

Bah, I’m the odd man out here probably, but I want a really god damn gritty shooter based in the Haloverse. Like, the violence of L4dII and Gears of War with the audio/visual immersion of Battlefield 3 (but in color).


You know what I don’t want to see? A punch animation where you use your FUCKING FIST when in the other hand you have a pistol that you can hit the enemies with.


and it has to be topped off with a pistol spin.



It would be nice to see some blood and guts in a Halo game for once. A bit less kid friendly.

I want assassination moves where he punches right through the other guy’s helmet. I want to melt someone’s limbs apart with a plasma weapon. I want to hear spines breaking.


I honestly prefer my games without a lot of blood and guts(unless its a horror game or gears of war).

Ridculous amounts of blood and gore can ruin a game and is just a way to be disgusting and inhumane without actually being inhumane.


“hurr hurr I dun liek goer cuz im on da high hawrs”

Dude, look. If there’s any shooter in fucking existence that’s out there that NEEDS some form of dismemberment, it’s Halo. The story calls for so much to be at stake, and yet NO one pays the price for anything! Halo 1 was the most brutal game, and it has a main character get assimilated into a parasitic mass of corpses, then a hole is punched in his face for a neuro implant. The game can’t flirt with shit that heavy and then just back off.

That being said, if Halo has gore, it should be in the vein of the human toughness of the Brothers in Arms with the intricacy of the Soldier of Fortune series (not fucking payback). Halo calls for “tasteful” realistic gore. Not all the red you’d see in a movie or average game dismemberment, but more of the yellows, oranges, and blues you’d see irl.


Just look at all of the fancy weapons. You’d think some of them would do more than drop 'em dead.

What can a spartan laser really do to human flesh?

Imagine the horrible divet you’d get from a needle round after it times out in your chest.


Halo 4’s killstreaks should actually unlock super violent moves. Each subsequent killstreak reward in the chain gets more and more violent and gory, with the highest tier unlocking a move where you cut an enemy in half, literally make yourself a halo out of his entrails and put it on your head.


hate the suit :confused:


That’s the best rendition of the suit by far.


I concur. This suit is fresh.


I always thought it was weird that Halo was rated M for blood and gore but there’s very little blood and no gore in the games.


I think Halo 2 dropped an F-bomb somewhere in it’s campaign once, but in general I’ve never understood the ‘M’ rating for the series.


I think it’s all the blood in every color but red


The whole story is that Halo 1 was intended to be hard M, with 100% dismemberment on everyone. They started implementing the dismemberment on a few select enemies. There are still some artifacts left on the disk, like textures for a decapitated grunt/ elite and a torn up POA crew member. Microsoft saw this happening, and they went “oh, fuck guys, didn’t we tell you we wanted this to be rated T for sales?”. So bungie dropped the function, but then ESRB found out about the flood, giving the whole game a definite M as long as they remained a part of the story. Bungie finished up the dismemberment functionality on the flood, but were too short on time to finish it up for every other biped. Now they just don’t do dismemberment, and I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s extra work for a feature no one missed (and a feature a select few retards think don’t fit in the game even though it was always meant to be). I’m pretty sure it’s still rated M because Microsoft got wise and now knows that M ratings get the most sales now.


That’s interesting. If it’s still on the disc, is the dismemberment stuff still in the files on the PC version? I wonder why nobody has implemented it yet, or maybe they have.


There actually isn’t a reason. It’s 100% possible, it’s just the Halo modding community in general has this fucking ass backwards mentality that if it doesn’t “fit” the game, then it shouldn’t be added. These asshats seem to have no idea what mods are actually for, and unless a weapon or vehicle or potential map location hasn’t been mentioned in a book, than it does not belong in the game. Every fucking MP map needs to have a convoluted backstory (HURR DURR DUS WAS A DEACTIVATED FORRUNNER HEATSINK 4 DA RING’S PROCESSOR LOLOLOL). Of course there are rare occurrences where a modder will grow some balls and have a more “out there” map (like the zelda deathmatch maps) or something more in the spirit of what modding is all about, but those are few and far between.

I actually discovered the files through the PC version, so yes. They’re only textures though. No models. Lets see if I can get HEK working so I can find the marine texture and post it here.


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Anyways, from what I’ve seen of the video they released, it honestly doesn’t really look much more detailed than Halo Reach. I guess it’s not all about graphics, but in the IGN Rewind they were saying “Such a great new engine!” and “Much better detail!”. The whole time I was wondering what they were smoking, it looks good but not really that much better (at least yet).

Since, they seem to want to be closer to the external lore this time around I think they should start putting in some more vehicles. Perhaps Wolverines/Cobras? And does anyone else think everything looks really “Halo Legendsy”? Like, cel-shaded?


Found em. There’s two textures in there. One is for the marines and one is for the crewmen. Interesting shit.