well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


Thanks for the info. I’ve always wondered why Halo seemed like such a soft M.


I figured It would be time to bump this. There’s shitloads of new info out there about the multiplayer.

The Spartan Ops feature sounds amazing. Months of weekly episodic content; an ongoing coop campaign. It doesn’t even require some premium fee like you’d expect. That’s awesome.

Just one thing: the name is fucking horrible. They couldn’t be more transparent.


I’m really iffy about the covenant redesigns. They totally lost the silhouette of the units. The elites totally lost all their appeal to me. No more spikes. Tiny sausage mandibles. Come the fuck on.


Wait, what spikes?


Well, the hard edges and angular contours I should have said.

I mean look at this. It’s old as fuck obviously, but there’s so much good there that’s missing in all the later iterations. The posture is commanding and intimidating, but not hunched over and brutish like it has devolved into. The arms are thick and lean, but not round. The front of the face is flat, with the mandible protectors (I guess) describing a perfect curve on the helmet while it tapers into a crown of spikes on the back.

There was just so much awesome packed into that low poly model and that tiny 512x512 texture. It all just got slowly chipped away as all the wrong details were added.


Oh i thought it’s these kinds of spikes

Yeah some points are true, but i kinda like how they look brutish in Reach since it makes them intimidating and badass

And a more badass render

EDIT: oh and what makes them looks tough is mostly their armor tho


Still waiting for Halo 3 on pc.


right now i couldnt care less about halo 4,because i just keep hopeing ill be able to play halo 3 / odst / reach on windows 8,with a mouse,keyboard,and a more normal online comunity


Just give up, after the disaster that was Halo 2 for Vista, Halo is never setting foot on the PC again.


It was Microsofts fucking fault. They shouldn’t have abused Halo 2 for Vista marketing bullshit. I hate MS for that until today.


Yep, too bad it basically gave them an excuse to not bring halo to the PC anymore since they could just twist it the way they wanted.


I’ll probably buy this just out of curiosity. More for the story, since it’s supposed to focused on the Chief.

Also for the fact that I’ve bought every major Halo game so far, so why break the habit now? :\


I agree that the new covenant are kind of disgusting, especially the grunts. They should have stuck with the chitinous look introduced in Halo 3.

The elites have always been cuties and it’s nice to see them all fucked up and mean looking for once. It’s like they’ve had it up to here with Chief and they don’t feel like posing nude for him anymore. They want blood.


But they’re nuder now than they ever were. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I can’t help but think about The Christmas Carol when I see that helmet.


Not true.

The Arbiter before he became The Arbiter.


I’m not sure how you guys feel, but I hated playing as the arbiter because of his armor, specifically his helmet

Whenever I saw his helmet I just thought of it as a giant chicken beak on his face


His being Keith David and a playable elite more than makes up for his stupid costume and lack of sex appeal next to a generic counterpart


I’m going through all possible Halo media in chronological order in preparation, starting with the Forerunner saga. Pretty interesting shit.


I don’t have any time to read the new stuff :frowning:

I hear it’s really good though. Damn it.


Yeah, it’s surprisingly well-written stuff. And it reveals a LOT about the Halo universe that you probably never suspected.


I hear some fucked up shit happens to Halsey. Like she gets locked up, then nonchalantly told that her daughter died.

Please say true.