well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


Haven’t read Glasslands, but from what I hear, it is indeed Halsey’s roast.


I love everything I see and hear.


I don’t. The gameplay for E3 was severely scripted. Remember ANOTHER highly scripted trailer for a Halo game? Remember the New Mombasa gameplay demo and everything it promised and showcased? Remember all of what DIDN’T appear in the game?

I’m waiting on this one. I’ll prob get it anyway, since I like the direction they are taking the story in, and the way they are actually fleshing out MC as a character, but the gameplay may as well have not been shown.


Halo has been boring as batshit to me for years now (stopped playing after 2), but for some reason I am strangely intrigued by this new one… It actually looks like it could be pretty good… What is going to make or break this for me is the originality of the new weapons and whether they are any fun to shoot… The new enemies also need to be fun to kill as well… I like that they are at least trying to incorporate something a little different…


Halo has taken sort of a Star Wars turn on my emotions. I just can’t stop buying them for some reason.


Never really understood the hate for the series. The story and lore is pretty classic scifi (most of which you’ll understand once you start looking at the ENORMOUS extended universe), there is so much lore they throw in just to keep it consistent (it is my firm belief that the best stories have parts to them set in stone that are never explicitly brought to your attention), and best of all, it’s simply fun.


I’ve read the first Forerunner book, mostly because it seems like a more philosophical novel than your typical soldier story. I’m a sucker for books that make you think and leave things unanswered.


I’m liking the direction the forerunner architecture is going.


That’s beautiful.


Looks sleek, and probably easy on the RAM requirements


Do/did you play it one PC? Because some cool stuff is going on in the community at halomaps.org


That tower reminds me of this one. Obviously different styles, but yeah, reminds me of it.


reminds me of this:



I won’t stop saying this. Fuck Halo 3 and everything after that. I can’t play those only because they are limited to consoles and I am not going to buy that shit only because of that. FUCK MICROSOFT!


It just blows my mind that you, King_Kaddo, are the only PC-exclusive gamer to ever have that point of view. Really makes a guy think, you know?


People keep telling me that this one will be the best Halo yet. Needless to say, I disagree. Halo 3 is the best one.


Now tell me how you actually played Halo 4 from start to finish before


I’m talking about the takedowns. Me and my friends haven’t had so much fun on links than when we play Halo 3. We tried playing Reach once, but we went back to Halo 3. The story haven’t been the part I put any weight on in the halo games.


I’m pretty sure you can’t judge a game by a simple thing like that


For me, nothing will beat the first. Everything felt…solid.

Though I have to say ODST’s free-roaming New Mombasa map was pretty awesome.