well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


Yeah, I really hope 343 does something like that again.
Especially in such a fucking nice looking city. If only it was less blatantly modular. I mean they only had a year to start and finish the game, and with that said it was fucking incredible, but yeah. I’d like to see a full dev cycle dedicated to that kind of thing.


Halo 4 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. 12: 35/11: 35c

Hopefully it’s something substantial and no one gives Jimmy the controls.

Edit: It wasn’t and they did.


DigitalFoundry did a thing.

Also this:

Fucking hell I’m so glad a game is doing tron2.0 style weapon animations.


Well that animation was known since pretty much the beginning of E3… And it’s pretty epic.

All Forerunner weapons do that now. They also disintegrate people into awesome flying pixelly things. :stuck_out_tongue:


The new assassination animations look like the most mean-spirited, satisfying-to-cause fucking things in the world


I just wished there was a blood effect when the knife is pulled out. That bugged the shit out of me in Reach.


Sure as hell looks fun now though. I especially like that beatdown-tackle-stab assassination. Looks brutal.

All business and cold-blooded.



Halo - Best skyboxes, best loading screens.


I just bought a 360 and I’m catching up on the Halo games I’d missed.

Beat Reach yesterday and was pretty disappointed with the campaign. I’m really hoping Halo 4 mixes it up a bit, because Reach literally just felt like 6 more hours of Halo 2.


Reach story didn’t really get interesting until the end, IMO. Then you realize how crappy and old Captain Keyes looked back in Halo CE when he had a polycount of like 5. :stuck_out_tongue:


generic,uninspired shooter,with an uninspired story???
well you can go back and play your CoD idiot.

on the point,right now i couldnt care less about Halo 4.I still wnat to play Halo 3 on a PC.


You might wanna read past the first line of the OP…


He used three question marks in a row. There’s no way he even read the first two words in the first line.


Reach felt unique from every previous installment. Hell, they all feel different.

I will agree that Reach and 2 do share that weird high-grain, insufficient shading mood


how can they still make money of releasing basically the same game with minor changes and get away with it…
“halo fanboys are the worst and if youd excuse me i have to play some cod”


Simple. The game is never the same.

Each release of a Halo game sees radical changes from the health system to the movement physics, and every recurring weapon has never behaved the same from game to game. Fuck, save a few select guns, the same weapon hardly shows up from game to game period. I’d go as far to say that Halo changes more with each installment than any shooter series out there.

Fuck, even the changed from Halo 1 to 2 were astronomical. Dual wielding changed everything.


They may tweak the mechanics more than most, but their encounter design needs a lot of freshening up. About half of every Halo game is just: Enter area. Clear out area. Voice comes on and says “Covenant dropship incoming.” More covenant show up. Magic door opens. Rinse/repeat.

Fixing the movement mechanics or adding new weapons are not really new design ideas. Halo already has great mechanics and AI, now the series needs to put in some interesting new ways for us to fight that AI. The starships and a couple other set pieces in Reach were a good start, but that stuff needs to be more than 1/10th of the game next time to keep my interest.

I think the fact that Halo changes more between games than some other franchises is more of an indictment against those games than it is praise for Halo.


The nature of the arena-to-arena encounters never really bothered me. Imo, there’s no rinse and repeat when you have that AI.


I thought people ate that arena-to-arena shit up.

Guess you aren’t allowed to be one of those “oh we harken back to the classic days of FPS gaymin” unless you have no plot or enticing gameplay mechanics.


It’s not that I don’t like Halo’s arena encounters, it’s that I don’t like them enough that I’d sit through three more games of it after the five I’ve already played. I feel like they could do more to freshen things up a bit.