well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


It’s more interesting when the environments are varied. Halo 1 did that well. IMO the subsequent Halos didn’t do that exactly as well as the first one did, but were still fun.

Which is odd since I started with Halo 2.


I read it as odd cuz Halo 1 copypasta’d more than any of the other Halos.


Yeah, halo 1 just had green hills and alien bases.


Layout-wise though I can somehow remember many more interesting things than Halo 2 and 3.

Maybe I just haven’t played them a lot recently and I just forgot.




Halo 1 was grey and purple corridors and then when you finished half of it you had to go through the same corridors again just in the opposite direction.


The Arena to corridor ratio in Halo is pretty heavily tilted towards arenas.


Assault on the Control Room, the original version, still absolutely stuns me whenever I leave one of those forerunner corridors and enter those massive ice canyons where the covenant fuck around.

Gameplay wise the series is arguable as fuck. I feel like the presentation and artwork is often brushed off in favor of complaining about the magnum’s serial number being unrealistic or how the new elites are OP because they started using a new brand of mouthwash


I still like the .50 Cal High-Explosive pistol. :slight_smile:

I think it’s hilariously overpowered. Epicness in a tin can. “This is either the world’s largest pistol or the world’s smallest rifle-- I’m not sure which.” -Someone


Well, Forge confirmed to have copy/paste and magnet functionality. It’s also got player attribute zones that work like custom power ups that effect entire areas and aren’t pickups. Plus, there’s gravity zones where a space can be set to have a certain weight effect on whatever’s in it. Also dynamic lighting/ shadowing on forge objects.Fucking finally. Beware. Horrible jokes and annoying voices.


That gave me nightmares as a kid. I was fucking lost in that level. My orientation wasn’t so good back then. But Halos level design was really ahead of its time. If I compare the level design of HL2(2004) with Halo (2001/2?) Halo wins ultimately. I realized that when I tried to remake the starting room from Halo in Hammer Editor. The amount of detail and strong design approach and characteristics is just astonishing.


Well, then again the maps were designed towards two very different purposes. Halo’s is meant to guide you to a fight, and then give you a very interesting place to fight in. Half life’s is meant to guide you from puzzle to puzzle while fighting.


Looks good too me, I’m a little fucked off at the way they are changing things to make it friendly for COD kiddies and other fan bases, and also I think the perk system is ok, a little better than my first impressions but is a pathetic Idea anyway.

The Campaign on the other hand looks fantastic and you can see the graphics are really pushing the xbox’s old hardware without having to install anything like in BF3.

And the Story looks interesting I think Cortana’s incoming rampancy will give it a good edge, and the way they have connected it to the books.
anyway that’s coming from a serious Halo Fanboy so it’s probably biased.


making sprint permanent + making permutations actually do something for once =/= appealing to Call of Duty players

It would be really nice if COD and EA weren’t the go-to scapegoats for everything people don’t like about a game


More hats and unusual effects would be nice. Valve should cooperate with them to port every hat in TF2 to Halo 4.

Ok, maybe the second idea wasn’t that good.


Halo CE’s level design is repetitive and confusing, the only way i could know where I’m going is where there’s no trail of dead bodies all around

Even HL1’s level are far superior to Halo’s, at least i can tell where i have been and where i haven’t


you gotta be mentally hindered to not have a sense of direction basic enough to remember where you have and haven’t been in a halo game. There’s so many geometric/geographic landmarks that only a mouthbreather would miss.


I meant to say that some of the levels are like that, but not all, especially the corridors
And I’m only talking about the 1st game, the other games seems to have mostly fixed that




hai guise