well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


3 Buds for it.


That video was actually decent. I may watch that series.


Well I would have hoped it would be decent. It has the highest budget of any Halo-related live action project yet.


I’m just very wary of most Halo related stuff. I guess all the live action I’ve seen has been worth watching, though.




So…why are the covenant the bad guys again? It’d be nice to have some Grunt or Jackal squadmates.


They’re just stragglers.


Yeah, the main bad guys are those metallic mantis men


Humans achieved peace with Covies after Halo 3, but it wasn’t based on anything really meaningful. The Covies had lost a war, lost their religion and beliefs, lost their entire traditional system of leadership, and lost their capital city and pretty much all their urban infrastructure. Furthermore, the Elites within the traditional Covenant were a society based entirely on war and fighting. They had relied so much on the Prophets for their basic civilization necessities (food, agriculture, manufacturing, technology) that their society became severely crippled and almost completely unable to function after the war since nearly every Prophet was wiped out, not to mention that they hated the Prophets after Halo 3 anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered.

So they started doing what any civilization in chaos would do… split into factions- some extremists, and some moderates, each with different ideals.

Those who followed the Arbiter remained loyal to the uneasy but existing alliance with the humans. Others disagreed, thought humans were still a threat, and felt that humans should be wiped out while they were still weakened from the war. Others agreed with that idea, but thought that they should do nothing until they built up strength again and actually learned to function properly as an actual functioning civilization rather than one that only knows how to wage war. In the Covy Elites’ legal system it is technically within a citizen’s full right to assassinate anyone who you disagree with politically. So you can imagine the chaos.

The enemy Covies in Halo 4 are one of those factions that clearly disagrees with the Human alliance and probably wants to kill the Arbiter.


I hope the Arbiter comes back. The gaming world could use more Kieth David.
It has a lot already, but it needs MORE.

Better quality link of the objective assassination vid. Hologram skull for the oddball eh?


I was always kinda grossed out by how the oddball in Reach was more often than not a bomb instead of a skull


Interesting. So are the Flag and Skull Forerunner? Disintegrating assassinations… pretty insane.

EDIT: So looks like we can throw the oddball to team members now? That’s actually pretty awesome. I can imagine the gametypes.


I wonder if that works with other objectives. Would make Griffball a bunch more interesting if you could do it with a bomb in that it would finally be interesting


Must have missed this thread. But now that I’m here:

I, as a long time Halo fan, will not be getting this game. What I always loved about Halo was that every player always had a far chance at winning each round. It depended on skill and skill alone becasue each player had to be better than the other (by putting themselves in a better position, shooting before the other player, etc.) to win.

Halo: Reach began to unbalance the gameplay (Armor Lock) but not by much. Halo 4, howver, has thrown skill out the door. The one I care about most is the X-Ray AA. (Yes it’s been done before sucessfully. Look at Blacklight: Retribution.) This X-Ray AA outright RUINS stealth gameplay and makes Halo much faster paced. Second up are the little “perks” that each player can have. These range from a little bit more HP/shield to carrying more gernades and stuff like that. There are also player-set loadouts, so winning any given encounter could depend on wether you have the proper gun for that situation.

What totaly ruined the game for me was the similar feel of vehicles in Halo 4. According to gameplay footage they are deathtraps and highly similar to Reach’s vehicles.

Also: Is it just me or have they made the Sangheili more lizard-like and humanoid?



There are map-specific default pre-set loadouts that you can always choose from, so even if you haven’t unlocked specific weapons yet you won’t be at a disadvantage. You will never end up on a huge map with “nothing but an AR and a sadface”.

Winning an encounter based on the gun you have has been in every Halo game. If you turn the corner and run into a guy with the shotgun while you happen to have for example an AR, you are clearly not prepared for the situation. The way you get the gun this time is just a bit different.

One reason for loadouts was to end the stupid votewars over AR starts versus BR starts. Now everyone is happy. AR has been buffed slightly too, although as always, more skilled players who are good at using the “workhorse trio” (BR, DMR, Carbine) will always outplay less skilled players.

Skill has more factors than just the weapon you have. In Reach, bullet magnetism and aim assist were at an all-time high, which means it became really easy to kill. Plus the ever-controversial bloom mechanic annoyed lots of people who realized that they could be beaten by less skilled players who spammed precision weapons at close range and somehow got the kill.

Bloom is drastically reduced in Halo 4, and is replaced by recoil (especially for the BR) which is a different mechanic. Reports from people who have played the game say it’s harder to land shots than in Reach, which IMO is a good thing. If you see that video of the MLG player attempting to use the new sniper rifle and failing miserably, it becomes more obvious.

Promethean Vision did look overpowered as of the E3 build, but since then it has been heavily nerfed as of the latest build (reduced usage time, increased recharge time), so any gameplay you see is exaggerated. On larger maps, it will be pretty much pointless, as Bravo pointed out in his RTX commentary.

Armor Lock, by the way, is gone. The fears of Pro-Vision becoming the new Armor Lock were widespread among many… vocal complainers, which caused 343 to nerf it. HOPEFULLY it is fair enough after the nerf.

The vehicles are much stronger now. Gameplay (specifically that shown at RTX) shows the warthog sustaining damage from several gunfights, plasma barrages from multiple sources at once, multiple grenades, and a hail of miscellaneous gunfire before exploding. Much better than the Reach hog which explodes whenever you nudge it ever so slightly.

Most people who hated Reach agree that Halo 4 is far better, and yes they have played it at either E3, Comic Con, or RTX. And even that build that was hosted at all of those conventions is several months old. The more refined build will obviously be even better.

I do think that the new Infinity Slayer gametype is a little too… odd for my taste. Rewarding players with power weapons does not seem appealing to me. I’ll just avoid that gametype then… because that system is confined to that gametype anyway.


“I leave home for a few days and look what happens.”
Jeez, guys. It’s Halo. Any new thing you don’t like can be negated by the user. There will be classic playlists and game modes. That’s always been a thing. I’d go as far as to call it a uniquely Halo trait.

Also I’d have sworn Halo 2 had the most ridiculous bullet magnetism/ aim assist of all the games in the franchise :s

One thing I’ve noticed that I don’t like is that even for a halo game the FOV is really low. I’m watching footage on my TV right now and it’s still disorienting.


Halo 2’s bullet magnetism (at least in MM) was in part due to netcode, IIRC. One of the more ridiculous examples was you could sweep the sniper rifle along a horizontal line between two points, and if you pull the trigger at some point along that line, EVERYTHING in that line dies whether you actually “hit” them or not.

It made for some fun Team Sniper playlists. :slight_smile:

I do agree the FOV is ridiculous. I was just playing CE the other day and holy hell it’s disorienting at first.


I guess they have their reasons. Their dynamic lighting system coupled with the 720p native resolution must do quite a number on the 360. I can’t imagine the 3-4 FPS gained from the lower FOV would do too much to help out though.


Eh. The fact that the BR viewmodel is large enough to cover at least a good 3/8 of the screen does make me feel weird though.

I just hope they optimized it enough to not randomly lag like Reach did occasionally.



Bump for greatness.

UNSC SAW!! RAILGUN!!! :jizz:

The new shotty looks nice. Wonder how it compares to the Scattershot.