well, I guess I have to make the Halo 4 thread...


Going to be terrible.




Because all Halo’s after the first are mass produced games with thrown in 4 hour campaigns, as for the online who plays first person online games on consoles anymore?



#1. Different developer, though the other titles aren’t how you describe anyway, even if they are flawed.
#2. You sure you know what the words, “online” and “console” are?


Also, in what fucking universe is Halo 2 four hours long?


Each Halo took me at least 9 hours on heroic the first time through.


Oh sorry heaps of people play it, that means it must be good.

Call of duty games keep getting better each year!


Actually, no one plays online on consoles. Didn’t you hear?


Lots of 12-15 year old kids do, but they don’t count as a player base.

But that’s enough of that, you can keep buying your Halo games.


Of course I will.


Back on topic. SAW and Railgun.

I heard they were gonna include a UNSC SAW back in Reach, but it never really made it past concept art.

I wonder how the Shotty compares to the Scattershot.


I think it’s kinda like the difference between a shotty and the Unreal Flak gun.
I’m thinking the scattershot’s individual projectiles do way more damage than the shotty’s, and travel way slower. There’s also less per trigger pull.


That was the most fucking predictable progression of “arguments” I’ve ever seen. Why can’t you cretins be more original?


Inb4 “lol why cant gaylo”



The version without music, in case anyone didn’t see it yet.

I like that SAW noise. And the Railgun.

Somehow the shotty sounds a bit weak though… I dunno. Maybe my volume is too low.


I equate power to the initial kick of the sound, and power is dampened by the tail of the gunshot. The shotty has damn near no tail, so idk. It sounds pretty fucking awesome to me.

that shit is fucking musical. The sniper and the splazer are both jizztastic to my ears.




Ah, step number 5. I know it well. Keep on being as predictable as possible, mate.


lmao he mad