"We've Got Hostiles!" and the final vent


I am aware of the Vent Mod, but now that I replayed the chapter in vanilla game, I can see how ridiculous that is: You climb about 5 floors during the whole chapter, and you return to floor “0” by going down the ladder to the vent system, and falling down the vent about 3 meters or so. This is by no means enough to climb down all the way to the starting area, and since BM cares about realism it seems really out of place. If not include the Vent Mod in vanilla, maybe the devs could at least make some more falls while going through the vent, so that it matches the actual height?


How Deep is Black Mesa?

I’m bringing this thread back up. It still bothers me.



That’s not going to happen, maybe someone will make a mod.



I took an in-depth look at it myself, and yes, it’s kinda ridiculous.
There’s a height variance of 39.2 meters (~128 feet), as well as a difference of 25 meters (~83 feet) on both the X and Y axis (Z is height).

The highlighted brushes in the image above are supposed to be the same vent and - in a perfect world - should be on the exact same coordinates. I added some green Gordons for scale.

FUN FACT: The vent on the map you come out of (and where the level initially started) isn’t even consistent with the rest of the SAME LEVEL. As you can see in the image above, if it were to be continued as drawn, it would clip into a cafeteria behind the wall.



Ah yes, this is definitely very important.



I see this and then remember that the interiors and exteriors in the updated ST match up perfectly.

So there’s your good and your bad, and no one sane really cares about either.



While I generally agree that discussions like these are often very nit-picky, I feel like that the height variances in We’ve Got Hostiles are most definitely high enough for some players to notice. A 40 meter height variance is, simply put, not particularly subtle and can definitely have an impact on immersion. I find it particularly odd because it wouldn’t be all that hard to fix, just make the vent sequence at the end a tiny bit longer. That way the soundtrack will also not get interrupted by the level load (I hate it when that happens; best thing about GoldSource is that soundtracks continue playing after loading times).

But all things considered, there are probably more important issues to address first.