WGH - Vent Mod


I can’t seem to find your problem mate. Can you provide me with a picture?


Sure, here you go:

Looking back at it, that painted decal is not a 12, yet I don’t think it should be here.

If I’m the only one with that issue, I’ll try reinstalling Black Mesa and the mod and see if the current version of your mod got somehow messed up with the previous ones.


Great work RK, everything works perfect, but I did find a small issue, in the vent next to the guard room with thee scientist, I believe you tried to add blood but instead confused the textures or sth because the first time I passed next to the vent there was a huge 2 in the floor, then I loaded a safe and saw this:

Since you do pay a lot of attention to detail I doubt you intended this.

EDIT: Is exactly where paulo’s cafeteria texture is.



Uh, I don’t know. That’s a pool of blood in my version of the game. In fact, all of those are supposed to be blood decals. They work perfectly on my machine.


BM has a problem with decals in once of the maps in the Lambda Core chapter, where if the map is reloaded (i.e. from a death) it would paint a randomly selected decal from the map on the walls in replace of scorch marks. Maybe you’re getting something similar?


At first I did see a pool of blood in the game. After I reloaded the save closest to the dumbass scientists scene, it changed to a random decal. In the most recent game, I saw a 5 on there instead of blood.


Sounds like the plot to a movie, like some extra-terrestrial notes that humans are relieved by these signs, so when he kills or abducts someone, he places one down thinking it will make people suspicious, without realising the context and how strange it actually looks to us.


Gordon Freeman in: The Restroom Sign Predator.


I wonder if it is an ent bug? Those specific decals are created using info_projecteddecal instead of the default decal entity (so that I can toggle them on when the player approaches). If that map in Lambda Core that Crypt mentioned also use this entity, it could be a possible engine bug.


This is definetly one of the funnier bugs, still I hope it’ll be fixed.


I got to say RK I actually enjoy your mod.
There is just one bug I came across in this area, and I don’t think anybody on this thread notice it.
Anyway regarding to that area, I can see through under these boxes:


Well, I think I might have found the source of the problem, although it’s very very strange. On a related note I too got struck with the bug today. Threes, threes everywhere!

So how the A map is set up is the dumbass scientists scene is triggered by opening a set of double doors just before. This is also when the blood decals are set to appear, the HECU grunts are spawned, etc.

But there’s a trigger in the vent just after that which does all of that a second time. So all of these entities fire again. Or so I am led to believe. Most detrimentally, this led to the decals to activate twice, and that might have caused them to bug out like that.

Could be a holdover from when the BM devs were working out the timing for that section. I have no idea why it is there. And by all rights this should have been a problem much much earlier, so I don’t really get why it’s acting up only now.

So I have removed that erroneous trigger in editor and I think that should solve the problem. No promises, but my fingers are crossed! I’ll be publishing a hotfix tomorrow, so look out for that.

In the meantime, here is that video that I promised, complete with developer commentary.


There’s also a video for Loop Mod if you look around for it!

Yeah, the BM devs have a habit of incasing some of their boxes in nodraw, which from experience nodraw has always been extremely wonky when it’s been used within maps. No surprise there.
It’s small enough that it’s pretty unnoticable though.


Em, why are they doing that? And why not fix it? Nodraw’d world brush faces touching other world brush faces creates that effect. If it’s for collisions they could just use one of the clip textures, or use a func_brush set not to render. If it’s for easy moving, they could use skip. I am confuze.


A few things I thought about the other day while playing through.

No sound for the fans in the main vent shaft
the locked door (fake) in the underground warehouse has no locked sound on use

But I did not get the latest version so this may have been done.


Half life 3 confrimed! :retard:

Anyways, I watched your video, and I think the only thing I can say is to maybe replace the zombie guard with a Vortigaunt if you really want to imply the female scientist was shocked to death. That is all. Great job with the mod!


Hotfix is up: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lortflu9g82z4r/VentMod.zip

Me too, and that’s why I’m going to err on the side of caution. I don’t know why the devs put them there but with some they were pretty meticulous with the nodraw.
And again, it’s not noticeable enough to risk fixing.

Yup, as of Release Candidate 2 I believe.

What I said in the video was more of a suggestion and it is open to imagination. That said, I’ve put a dead vort nearby as a suggestion, though really anything could have happened. It’s up to the player to decide I suppose.




Vent Mod needs another hotfix.

I started a new game from the beginning of the We’ve Got Hostiles chapter and the elevator doors look messed up. Please fix this.



Although rebuilding cubemaps works too.


saw the video and it looks awesome