WGH - Vent Mod


Well now’s the time mai boi! The mod’s finished, so now’s the perfect chance to download it and take it for a ride! :smiley:


Random decal bug is still happening. Without reloading a save, there is only one random decal in the vents where the zombie was.

After reloading, the decal that was a sign changed to blood (as it’s supposed to be I think) and the others changed to random decals.


I had the same issue as PCgamecrazy, though I did not have it as bad, also this happens only at the vent next to the security room.

P.s. nice touch adding the dead vort :wink:


Welp, I don’t know. I don’t know how to fix it. So play at your own peril ya’ll.

I wish I knew what causes it to do that, but I just have no clue.


For me it was a big “No forklifts in this area” sign and a smaller yellow one. I was like WTF?


I think the decal issue is caused by a info_projecteddecal in bm_c1a3a (upon transitioning back from c1a3c to c1a3a when the scientist is killed by the hecu)

So that might be worth looking into.


Right. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, those particular decals are set to activate at the very beginning of the dumbass scientists scene (because the whole thing is managed by a logic_relay).

That got me to thinking though, and I’m somewhat tested this. Just from what I’ve seen so far, the bug seems to happen when loading a savepoint from before when the decals were activated (aka when the scene happens).

I’d like for someone to confirm this; open the double doors to start the scene, confirm that the decals are there, SAVE, then do something that will cause the map to reload, like letting the zombie kill you.

If my theory is correct, if loading from a spot after the decals have been applied, the bug should go away. If I can get this confirmed I just might be able to hotfix it out of existence!


Doesn’t something similar to this happen in Lambda Core? If you reload a save after dying in some way in the reactor room, the burn decals all get replaced with funky things. I forget the details of the bug.

Or is this something different?


I believe they use the same entity yes.


I believe your theory is correct.

When I tried this, all the blood decals were showing up as intended. I killed myself after making a quicksave. The bloodpool decal disappeared when reloading from a quicksave, but the rest of the decals stayed the same.

Here’s the images I got from this attempt.

Before dying (quicksave done after screenshots):

After dying:


What a bloody mess. o_o


It sure is.


Okay, so there’s one confirmation. I’d very much like a second opinion though.


Noticed some lighting mistakes that no one else has mentioned, the stock maps are now missing their proper lighting effects, compared to the way they were before. I would also add some of these lights to your zombie storage area next to the interrogation room for consistency.


Comparison continued… im 100% sure this is not a brightness or HDR setting.

ps… on side note you should place an mp5 next to the dead scientist in the freezer.


The lighting was actually discussed a fair bet during the beta. I’ve known about it, and I’m not making any attempts to fix it right now. Right now all I want to focus on is this:


I laughed so hard at the prospect of climbing through a 3x3 ventilation shaft, and coming face to face with a “No forklifts in this area” sign, thinking “No shit! How the hell you gonna get a forklift in here?”


I got the same result as PCGameCrazy.


mmm i was thinking, isnt there a way to fix the decals in some spots? like the vents (that wouldnt work on those that are supposed to appear after a set event)



Obviously I haven’t updated yet. I have a good reason for this.

Last night I had a thought that led to a breakthrough of sorts that’s going to get all those lighting bugs on the A map fixed. All those areas that were inexplicably dark in this mod? Bam. Solved. I won’t say what this breakthrough is exactly, and I probably never will. Believe me though, good stuff is happening.

The breakthrough is going to take a bit to implement, and it’ll take a couple days of work at least. But I think it’ll be worth it. So much so that I’m going to resume work just long enough for a brand new version. Not a hotfix as I previously described, but a full version with quite a few fixes. I think the maps will be much much better.

I’m only speculating at this point, and I have no reason to believe that I’m right on this, but I have my fingers crossed that if this breakthrough somehow solves that problem on the C map… flares may make a comeback. No promises, but there is hope!

So that’s pretty much it for the moment. Strap yourselves in, we’re going into overtime.

Not unless I employ an alternate method. The ents themselves are bugged, and there’s nothing I can do about that.

I won’t be stamping out the bug as much as I will be hiding it, extremely well.