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Relax… refresh… refocus…



As always, you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lortflu9g82z4r/VentMod.zip[/SIZE]

Only report major issues, thanks!

As most of you know I just took a leave of absence from this just because I was fed up with trying to work with it. It’s not fun having to jump through hoops over one single bug.

But you guys wanted it fixed, even if it’s an unfixable bug (at least as far as level design goes).

I had most of the work done actually within a couple days of the previous release candidate but I ran into one last tiny bug that I couldn’t quite figure out. In case you’re all curious, it was the bug PC posted where the door from the security office wouldn’t change from red to green. Pretty unnoticable eh? I kinda wanted to fix it though.

Welp, I finally sat down with the maps tonight and did some magic with a clear head. It worked wonders.

Hopefully this should be everything. I realize I did keep you guys waiting, but then again I didn’t really think there was a pressing need to get it done either. When it comes down to it though, I will get it done. I guarentee it.

Thanks ya’ll.


I just played through it and I got to say that I haven’t seen any issues with it except for one thing.

  1. Without a doubt the random decal bug is gone, but there is still a weird issue with them (in a different kind of way). If you go through the first map without dying before returning to it from map C, the decals won’t show up. If you do die in the first map before returning to it though, the blood decals do show up.

Edit: It’s pretty minor though as it only happens in that kind of matter as mentioned. Otherwise, it works properly.


Pretty nice I say, ty :slight_smile:
Two things.

  1. At the start in that shaft with the ladder and barnacles, I cant catch the ladder if I jump at it, so I take a nice fall instead.
  2. At the end we can’t attempt to open these two doors. Guess I love the locks sound…



Edit: cant put the pictures here. Strange. Anyway here are the links.


Weird, I didn’t die in the first map, and the decals did show up.

In map C, at the vent where the scientist got shot through the vent,I think the first blood decal has been turned 90 degrees. Anyways it such small detail that I don’t think you might even need to bother with it.

Aside from that I can’t find anything wrong.


Quite honestly I care enough about this bug that I’ve made an entire hotfix just to get rid of it. This wouldn’t the first time it’s turned like that without my permission, hard to believe it’s still doing so! Gah!

Only that bug tho.


Tbh not showing up at all is preferable to showing up as the wrong thing.

Like choosing between skipping a funeral or showing up as a pirate! :pirate:


Nice find. I didn’t even notice that.

Cool. I’ll redownload your mod right away.


Hey ya’ll, I’ve made a slight update to Vent Mod.

I’ve only made a few ascetic changes here and there, mainly to make the new sections be more consistent with the rest of Black Mesa, so nothing big here.

As always, you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lortflu9g82z4r/VentMod.zip
Or you can find it on ModDB.

I was also going to update Loop Mod, but surprisingly ran into limits (which wasn’t a problem with the latest versions). I promise though, I’ll get back on that once the source version drops.


I’ll download the new version of the Vent Mod right away.

Edit: It’s strange that you’re running into those issues with the Loop Mod. Which version of Source SDK are you using?


Thanks for the update, I can’t wait to check it out!


Thank you, bro!


For these latest compiles I used SDK 2013. I was using 2007 for all previous versions, but I was also using a whole different computer back then. I certainly could try reconfiguring 2007 SDK for Black Mesa, but not tonight since there’s no rush


If you get clever with point_template and generous amount of kill inputs, you MIGHT be able to surpass the entity limit.


It certainly worths a try. I hope the upcoming releases of Black Mesa, along with an updated engine will give broader options and rise the entity limit.


Indeed, that would be something worth seeing. And if you want the vorts to win add them like this: 3 scientist, 1 guard(ideal weapon: glock, 4 Hecu (1 red beret, 2 MP5 soldiers, and 1 SPAS 12 Soldier), And 4 Vorts (this may be a 51-52% chance that vorts may win).

Plus you could make the area have some cover like some military crates. And this may add some extra detail to the scene.


You’re kind of late, mod is done.


Yeah I’m pretty embarressed, I only noticed the date on the post today. :blush:


However ill-timed it was, your post is very much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

We had a fair bit of discussion on that and different ways to approach it. I originally had the idea of having some HECU gunning down some Vorts to strengthen their image for this - their introductory chapter. Some people also through their own takes into the hat.

Ultimately someone made the observation that in the original game the HECU were not seen engaging the aliens until Power Up. That personally sealed the deal and it’s why there’s nothing like this in the final product.


Thanks for the update to the Vent Mod, .RK :slight_smile:

I’m curious about what new changes you’re adding to your OaR Loop Mod?