WGH - Vent Mod


Howdy everyone!

I hope all of you have been enjoying the steam release! I for one think that it’s really amazeballs so far.

Just letting all of you know that I am working to port Vent Mod into the newest version’s of Black Mesa’s maps. That way you can enjoy Vent Mod along side all of the new shine that the steam version has to offer! A map is already fairly done, and C map shouldn’t take terribly long. But, obviously, I will be testing both maps to make sure they work correctly before this mod hits the workshop.

Stay tuned!


I hope you’ll port On a Rail Loop mod as well and it being compatible to the Uncut maps as well. :slight_smile:


Do you plan on adding or redoing some parts of the map (structure or asthetic wise)? Also maybe now your dream of adding the flares may come true with the new engine, hopefully it also got rid of that anoying texture bug.


Don’t forget about loop mod!!


And just when I reached WGH last night. Call that a perfect timing. :smiley:


I haven’t! I’ll talk about that separately in the appropriate thread later tonight.


Double posting.

The steam version of Vent Mod is now ported. You can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=438635262

There are some slight regressions here are there that are outside of my control (I’m chiefly looking at the interrogation scene, since you can’t shoot through grates anymore it seems), but I think the steam version is in really good shape.

As always please let me know immediately if there is anything gamebreaking or something of that nature!


Did you delete it? Needs reupload. :slight_smile: This along with your mods and those uncuts make me feel that instead of playing 85%, I’m playing about 87% of the campaign now. :slight_smile:


I hid it so that I could quickly fix it.

Although it should be apparent that this point that I am and insufferable dingus when it comes to releasing stuff. Somehow, I ain’t even mad.


Oh, it’s back now. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Just posted a short bug/error list on the workshop, though I have a few recommendations if you’re willing to change something on the map.

First, the small room you added to the cafeteria makes it that there are no access to behind the counter, from a realistic point of view. I’d suggest leaving the double doors from the vanilla map and moving the room behind the two trays next to those doors.
Second, do you think you can move the vent to above the blue closet? With that, the way back is to climb on the stoves, then the closet, making it a bit more challenging. Also the vent would look better higher.


Just finished the mod, everything is overall good nothing gamebreaking but I have to ask: I noticed that the lighting on a few parts of map A looked a little darker than usual, similarly to when you released the mod for the first time in the previous version but not as significant as then. I also don’t know if maybe this is black mesa or your mod since I downloaded them together and didn’t experience the vanilla version but when I encountered the scientists where gman is, their ties where moving like crazy and I didn’t experience this before in any other part of the game. Also the blood texture in the vent where the bulletholes are still looks like it has been turned 90 degrees and I’ve mentioned this on the previous version. Lastly the blood in the vent where the security guard was killed is missing, not sure if you removed it completely or if I just have it missing.

I was wandering as well if you where planning on making other changes, maybe since the steam version seems more stable, like: Changing the bulletholes to those of ST, adding flares like you originally wanted, and maybe now doing something more in the interrogation scene like a small discusion.

I enjoyed it and soon I’ll reach OAR to try your loop mod. :thumbup:


The mod is great as always, but the interrogation scene must be revisited a bit. We cant shoot through the vent, and even if we try the marines ignore us complitely.


Just so ya’ll know I’ll be revisiting the mod and responding to freeback in a few days once I’m off vacation.

Cheifly, I am going to attempt and resolve these apparent crashes people are having and I’ll ser if I can revamp the soldier scene since it got broken by the port (curse you nee vent models!)


Please fix this issue as well.


Here’s the Steam version of the stock map for comparison:



Well, good news I think!

I haven’t actually tested this out but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I do believe I’ve solved the problem with not being able to shoot through vents. I realized today that if I package the old version of the vents that you could shoot through with the mod, that’d solve the problem right up! That’s right, I think I unbroke the interrogation scene. And the sentry scene if you like to shoot an sentries.
I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me sooner. I’m stoopid.

I gave it a lookat but I can’t find what’s wrong yet. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Cool. I’ll test your new version when I get back home tomorrow.


The vent issue is now fixed.


Seemingly the Xen prepatch screwed up this mod. The AI is disabled. No graphical errors though.
I hope a fix will come.


Hey, everyone! Long time, no see.

A long while back, I promised that I would do a little bit of tweaking to Vent Mod. So… I never actually did that. I’m pretty sure that this was two or three years ago that I made this promise. Well, now that the Xen pre-patch has gone through (and, apparently, my mods are becoming increasingly broken), I figured it was time that I revisit things.

And why now? Well, I’m freshly graduated from university (I have my Bachelor’s in physics now, but the ride isn’t over yet; I start grad school in the fall and I hope to get my Ph.D someday in the far future). So for now, I have the summer off. This is great opportunity to work on things.

So I’ve gone in and I’ve made an update to Vent Mod for the xen pre-patch release. Here’s what’s new in this version:

-The air raid sirens have been added! They’ve been present in the stock BM for quite some time and now they are available in Vent Mod.

-Flares have been reintroduced! BM is pretty good with lighting and I feel comfortable putting them back in

-The interrogation scene has been removed. People have had mixed feelings about this scene, saying that it looked unfinished / unpolished in regards to the rest of the game. I don’t have it in me to fully flesh it out so I think, for the sake of consistent quality, I should take it out.

-The A has had its lighting fixed (so the areas are brighter and you can actually see in them now).

Most importantly, since this has been compiled under the latest BM compiler tools and built in the latest engine, it will have the nicest possible coat of paint to it, I think.

There isn’t really anything else that I want to do with this mod. I’ve received requests here and there to expand this mod. To be frank, however, I don’t think that there is anything else to add. I’ve, for a long while, considered Vent Mod to be more-or-less content complete; what’s going on now is mostly fixes. But, certainly, if anyone encounters any bugs or other issues which impenge on gameplay, please let me know immediately so that I can sort them out (that is, unless, it’s that pesky level transition bug that sometimes breaks going from C to A; I don’t think I will ever figure that one out).

There will, if I keep my promise, also be an update to Loop Mod, but that will take significantly longer (for reasons that I will details in its own post).