WGH - Vent Mod


I’m not getting the missing pipes issue that Peter Brev is having.


Please add dialogue to questioning scene of scientist because it looks like marines are just standing and enjoying the view (If they were lady doctors then I would understand that lol). You can use already existing voice samples like this :

  • Marine1 : You ain’t got shit (HG_TAUNT_04)
  • Marine 2 : do it !
  • Scientist : Oh my god ! (goodgod03a)
  • Scientist 2 : Is this when we panic ? (gordead_ques02)
  • Marine 3 : That’s a… a affirmative. (HG_ANSWER06)
  • Marine 1 : Let’s get this over with ! (mar02_letsgetthisoverwith01 - from dumbass scientist scene 12DumbassSCI )

There are so many lines you can use.


Bah, it doesn’t matter, I’ll refresh my files.


Hotfix is up, much later than it should have been because I was goofing off. Seriously folks, if you get the chance to play Stanley Parable, do so.

You can find the hotfix here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lortflu9g82z4r/VentMod.zip

All this hotfix does is add some missing pipes models, because it turns out those models aren’t stock models but originate in OaRU. Consequently, if you do have OaRU installed, you do not need this hotfix.


I was wrong. I was able to see those parts of the pipes that were missing on your end because those were from On a Rail Uncut.


I guess u just need this download to receive the complete mod?

And in your mod, do u skip a part of the original game or does this mod add some extra parts?

  • First time when turret shoots on something and it stops, so it appears the enemy is death, maybe show a death body, like with the Squid.

  • When u come in the next area with the Barnacles at the ceiling, when u try to use ladder and u cannot catch it, u fall down and die, but when the game restarts to try again, so the autosave, it loads in the falling position, so everytime u want to start again, u die.

  • Something changed in the ‘moving’, cause it seems I walk on ice now when I play from the part in the hangar in ‘We Got Hostiles’


can i install this with surface tension uncut and on a rail uncut?


Yes you can.


I was thinking…for your area that you see the turret gunning down the bullsquide, perhaps you could have a squad of HECU run by and have one of them carrying the sentry (I’m fairly sure HL2 has an animation for carrying one, it was used by the Combine in Nova Prospect). Have one of them set it up and then continue with following the others. After they left, spawn the bullsquide and ta-da nice little sequence.

PS… use the “GO GO GO!!” line in there for added effect.


Here’s some feedback on Map C of the Vent Mod.

Feedback for Vent Mod Beta Part 2

  1. I don’t know if this is related to the cubemap issues, but lighting keeps switching between bright and dim outside. Some areas of Map A of your mod have this issue as well.
  2. In this area, you can see a little gap when zooming in.
  3. When at the end of this ladder over here, I can’t get off of it without moving up a little higher.
  4. In this area, the lighting of one of the military boxes is off.
  5. In a couple of areas (here and here), lighting is a bit off compared to stock versions of the same areas (here and here).


For 1. It’s an HDR issue and it’s a common issue for many maps.


How’s work going on the Vent Mod, .RK?


It’s not. I’m busy with college work and applying for a university. So don’t expect any updates for a while.


Good luck with your college work. What classes are you currently taking?


Well, this mod, as small as it is, it’s really promising, but I think I wait with it, until the issues and feedbacks are adressed.


To be honest, I was not too enthused about this mod at first–until I saw that .RK was creating it. Having played Loop Mod for On a Rail, I’m now quite excited to see what has been added to WGH. I didn’t get here in time to offer suggestions, but I’m hoping we find that dead security guard from the beginning of the chapter, and the zombie that drug him into the vent. In the original game, I always wanted to find and kill it for making me go the long way around to get inside that security office!


Good idea.


I think a proper update is in order.

As most of you are probably aware by now, progress on Vent Mod is halted. I kinda mentioned it was because I was busy with school, but I think I can probably elaborate on this now just because I’m not as stressed out about it.

I’m working towards my programming degree, and am due to graduate with my associates in May. Right now I’m chopping away at those classes that I need to graduate.

Needless to say, the combination of classes I’m taking right now has been kicking my butt. I’m taking intro to biology, comparative operating systems, and computer networking fundamentals. Each of those is nothing to shake a stick at. I’m barely pulling B work in each of those classes as of this moment, and I find that extremely unacceptable. Full stop.

Add this on top of trying to apply to university (which I am behind on), and it’s a recipe for a shutdown. I’ve made some bad decisions on how to spend my time, and I’m paying for it.

At the very least though, things are looking up, and as opposed to when I posted last, I’ve got less going on both out of class, which has helped with studies.

What does this mean for Vent Mod?

Well for starters, I’m sure most of you have seen the recent announcement regarding the impending steam release of BM and - more importantly - open-sourcing the game’s maps. This is wonderful news, and is something I eagerly await for multiple reasons.

The main thing is that, with the source files in hand, I don’t have to worry about previously broken sections that came about from decompiling. I’m a bit concerned as to why the A map is built so differently than the stock maps (although some people have noted it looks a bit cooler, so it could be tweaked too), because that means that the decompile could have messed up some other things as well.

Anyways, I was going to do a new version for whenever the source files were let loose and let the mod run its course in the meantime, but since that’s happening now, I think I’m going to try waiting for that stuff to be put out before doing a release candidate.

In the meantime, I will be touching up the new sections and -hopefully!- tracking down the cause of major bugs.

I’ll just address your points one by one here, because you had very valid concerns.

-I do spawn a headcrab for the turret to shoot at, but it drops just outside the player’s visual, I guess. I’ll try playing around with that a little.
-That’s definitely not right and I think I know a solution to that.
-Can you elaborate on where this is? There is a section where it is slippery but that’s how its always worked.

It might do this if the idea gets enough support. Ladies? Gents? Your opinions please.


I like Hecatomb’s idea.