What are you listening to?

Why is this band so varied and yet consistently incredible

Macross 82-99 such a great artist

here’s what i’m listening to now.

Grapetooth - Trouble

That was weirdly entertaining

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Howie Day - Collide

Revised my pre-disaster playlist. There’s actually a couple of different moods I go for with this stuff, ranging from bright, busy, and optimistic to colder and more foreboding, but they blend together surprisingly well. I haven’t split them up by areas of the facility, really, but I reckon I could if for some reason people wanted me to.

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Joel released two Xen songs yesterday. <3

One of my favorite bands. A single off their upcoming album, can’t wait to hear the rest! This one really grew on me. It’s much different than the rest of their discography.

I’m pretty much set in my ways when it comes to music. Every once in a while something comes along that doesnt sound like anything I’ve heard before… Figured I would share, its… DIFFERENT, the more I listen to this guy the more I like him, however, its so far outside what I usually listen to. Give it a try, you might like it, maybe not. I think this guy has the chops though.

Um, just because.