What are you listening to?



I’ve had this running on repeat for the last week. I’m honestly as big a fan of Vinny’s music now as I ever was of the stream, and the amount of improvement between this album and their first is incredible.

(The beat drops at 2:58. If the rest of the song isn’t your thing, this bit will be.)




Sounds like a jingle from a tv show. Like from Bewitched or Pushing Daisies or something snazzy like that.


I give you a song from a local band back home. Its short, but incredible. And one of my all time Guilty Pleasures, I’m sure you can tell which is which.





So apparently Alexander Brandon (Of Unreal and Deus Ex fame) has released a couple albums of his own music on Bandcamp. They’re really darn good, IMO.

This one’s my favorite: https://alexanderbrandon.bandcamp.com/album/violet-eclectic






How to write a hit song…



It’s a remix. Of a remix.
It’s also damn good.


One of them off of Godsmack’s new Album.


I love their new album. Love Breaking Benjamin’s new album too, Ember.



We should play that song for every newb that registers.


Ra Al Dee Experience - Moses geht den Exodus



Ever since I heard Nonagon Infinity on one of Vin’s streams, I fell into this band pretty damn hard, everything they put out is so varied and still great.