What Game Did You Play Today?


Lightning, moar liek.

I also played some prototype and world at war.


If you don’t fall in love with Psychonauts, there is something horribly wrong with you.

Tim Schafer ftw.


:retard: so far I love it and by odd coincidence all three of the games I mentioned had in someway to do with Tim Schafer.


I’am at work right now and have not played anything today. But when I get home its going to be left 4 dead.

Besides L4D, I have been playing a little Ultimate Doom with the Doomsday engine modification.


I haven’t played anything today.


Crysis & Crysis Warhead. Testing overclocking capabilities. Vid card crashed and computer locked up. :fffuuu:


It used to be really good for a free game, but now it’s so fucked up with uber-cheap weapons that you have to pay for, movement that has been rendered impossible, and really lame gametypes. It’s a real shame, because it used to be enjoyable. And get this: You have to RENT guns with in game currency, and unless you have a shitty computer and/or a cheap bastard that plays this as their only game, you’ll soon end up broke and unable to afford any guns.

Oh yeah, and I finally beat Fallout 3 today, but I got a real shitty ending.


You need Broken Steel if you want to get a proper ending.


I’m working on Broken Steel right now. I just mean that the regular Fallout 3 ending I got made me look like a real asshole.


Okay. Guess you had a bad Karma, blew up Megaton and sent the Brute instead of you?


No, I had good-ish karma and saved megaton/killed everyone in Tenpenny Tower, but yes, I did send the Brute, and the announcer was all like “The Vault Dweller was a selfless asshole who made a true hero do his work” And I was thinking WTF!?


Haha! Personally I couldn’t send him because I killed him before he could say a word in his cell. Alnd it was kinda strange that I was pictured with Dogmeat but never found him. In my current character I found him but he got killed by a Super Mutant Master.


could you send the brute in? when I asked him he said it was my destiny and he wouldn’t interfere but I was able to send Lyons in :stuck_out_tongue:


Might start up some L4D right now if I can install it fast enough…


Civilization for Windows.

I might play some B&W2 or some TF2 in a bit.
The only two MMO’s I’ve tried are WoW and EVE Online. WoW was boring, EVE was not.


Hence the puppies perk. BTW, does anyone know when you complete Broken Steel, does it re-permanantly end the game, or can you do whatever you want still?


all original endings are still there you just don’t die you get a 2 weeks later cutscene and it starts from there.


Darkfall Online, I’m liking it quite a bit so far.


Crash Team Racing. Its like Mario Kart except with Crash Bandicoot characters.


I’ve now played Regnum Online instead of TF2 or B&W2…
Mainly due to Windows XP crashing and me not being assed to change computers.