What Game Did You Play Today?


You need Broken Steel DLC to force other companions in instead of yourself


Area 11 in Bionic Commando Rearmed is god damned difficult to traverse around. It’s even more fucking annoying that that’s basically what’s keeping me from the final boss and his explode-able head.

I can feel Barbie Adventures/Diablo 2 pulling me in. The addiction is coming back. :rabies:

Darkest of Days demo is kind of lame and kind of cool. Frames per second are kind of non-existent.


GMod (finishing up that comic)


Nope, people sent Fawkes in even before Pittsburgh was out.


Really? I thought he said “That is not my destiny” or some crap if you told him to get in there.


Oh you’re right, my bad.


He still says it’s your destiny, but it’s the least he can do for someone who saved him from prison. Assuming you didn’t just gauss rifle him in the face.


Yay - just finished it (c: It was lots of fun.


Max Payne 2.


I dunno if I’ll like Max Payne 3. He looks like a balding geriatric, he probably takes Centrum and Viagra to bring his health back up.


Played some CSS, TF2 and GTA4 already today.

And it’s only 12pm.


Didn’t played a single game because I had to reformat my sister’s old Athlon and install a PCI wireless adapter in because the USB ports died.


How exactly does something like that happen?


It’s an 8 years old AMD Athlon 1.1GHz. That’s how it happens.


I have a 8 year old P4 2.4GHz that still works fine.


does the source sdk count? trying to recreate my ribs gib… :frowning:


2.4? Must have cost like 2000 bucks!


P4 3.8 ghz, no big deal or anything.
Brushes shoulders


8 years ago?


20 actually.


Yeah it makes so much sense.