What Game Did You Play Today?


So I finally beat Alice Madness Returns after about 20 hours. The last boss was rather easy once I restarted enough for him to not break and stop attacking.


Played a lot of TA Spring with some friends. Some good, massive (and destructive) RTS fun


Beat three scenarios in Roller Coaster Tycoon yesterday. My eyes were just about bleeding from their sockets O.o;;


I’m playing this for the first time:

I’ve had Global Assault for the longest time, as it was the first N64 game I ever touched, but I’ve never played the original. It has quite a difficulty curve however as it spikes about a quarter of the way through the game. On normal difficulty settings. This game just doesn’t give away victory in its very formulaic mission structure. It pretty much weaves an ok plot within basic missions designed for a multiplayer match. Otherwise, it’s simply quite fun blowing things up in tanks. Global Assault just does it much better, however.

Multiplayer is also fun, mirroring what is provided in the single player campaign, however it lacks the improvements that Global Assault made. For obvious reasons. Though it is pretty much the same game, which means that Global Assault really didn’t make that many improvements to the core formula in the first place. Did I mention it was fun to blow stuff up in tanks? More games need to have tanks. So you can blow stuff up with them.

Also M-1 Abrams Battle Tank for the Genesis comes highly recommended…


Skyrim; exploring the Moonpath to Elsweyr. I’m not too far in, but so far the mod is gorgeous, but a bit bland. There’s a lot of potential here, though. It’s still a WIP.


Yay for BattleTanx!

Global Assault had a fantastic mix of tanks. It’s basically “Tank Fortress” (with such distinct vehicles to choose from).

Come on, you know it’s true:* Mototank - Scout

  • Marksman - Sniper
  • M1A1 - Soldier
  • Rhino - Demoman
  • Rattler - Medic
  • Goliath - HWGuy
  • Hornet - Pyro
  • Hovertank - Spy
  • M2 Hydra - Engineer
  • FLP-E - Civilian
    Did I forget anyone?


Loading up BF3 to play some Oman/Karkand since I haven’t played in a while.

Man, I remember seeing the Caspian Border trailer


It was so mindblowing when I first watched it. Too bad the Jets turned out to be way too “floaty”, and way too easy to dogfight in.


playing alot of cq-bf3, get the right squad and you can earn a good 20k xp


Supreme Ruler 2020

Russia is currently at war with every one of its neighbors and China is raping Mongolia.

NK and SK sit at a stalemate, even with China’s support toward NK.


Just put “Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings” back on my computer. Considering how tons of people had problems getting it to work on Vista, I didn’t seem to have any issue at all running the game. It just won’t loop the BGM anymore.


So I installed Dark Messiah again, with plans to actually beat it, and I’m playing on hardcore. I never realized this, but Dark Messiah is almost like a modern day Hexen game.


Playing Crysis 2 again, but this time with DX 11 support and HD textures :slight_smile:


Started playing Syberia. I’m liking it so far, but I find it hard to play because I’m getting these huge framerate drops whenever a part of the environment is moving.
It feels really weird considering this game is made in 2002, so does anyone have any ideas to what the problem might be? Maybe something in my NVIDIA settings or the like?


Just played all three levels in the Resident Evil 6 demo. I was already going to buy it, but this demo didn’t really sway me more towards or more against it. Overall it felt much better than RE5 did.

I’m sure I’ll play something on Steam later, since I’ve spent too much in the sale.


I’m playing Youtube: Time Drainer of the Year edition.

Gonna be a long playthrough,


So I fixed my Syberia issue, so just disregard that post, and now I’ve been sitting up playing it the entire night.

Kinda weird, I’m just completely fixed to this game right now, and despite having a few hangups - getting bored with the eternal walking back and forth over huge distances and such - I just keep playing. I guess the story is intriguing enough that I just have to see what comes next. A rather rare experience, really.

Edit: And now I’ve finished it. In one sitting, no less. Took me about 20 hours with a few short breaks for bodily-functional purposes.


I remember when a girlfriend was playing Syberia and loving it… and I remember that a good friend played it too.

I recognized a bit of the lovely music from her speakers, “Dark Eyes” (Ochi Chyornye) for the most part…

Wow… If you can shorten your play to 15 hours and do a speedrun with commentary, you could put it up on youtube!


Playing Battlefield 3 Campaign. Thought it was about time to get though it.

And Skyrim. Finally proper drivers for my graphics card, i can finally run Skyrim in Crossfire!


been playing my bluray player. think ill go back to the pc tonite.


So FEAR has some of the most satisfying gun fights I’ve ever played. The AI is really good, which is something that’s brought up every time FEAR is talked about, and there’s dismemberment and stuff like that. I wonder why some video games don’t do dismemberment any more. Spec Ops The Line did but FEAR’s is still better despite coming out 7 years ago.