What Game Did You Play Today?


^ Yes, F.E.A.R. 1 is amazing. Just don’t play the sequels, it’s all downhill from there.

I just replayed F.E.A.R. 2 and realized the plot is pretty much an excuse to set up a sequel. There’s a few standout good parts, but overall the AI is a bit stupider since it’s determined to flip over tables and filing cabinets for cover, allowing you an easy shot while the animation porn plays out. I’ll probably post a full review later, there’s a lot I want to say about it.

What I can say concisely, however, is don’t play the third game. For the love of everything that is good in life, DO NOT PLAY F.E.A.R. 3. It is a waste of time and an insult to the first game’s good name.


The first game was amazing for when it came out. It even had textures with parallax mapping which gave a lot of them a 3D look and it was also used to make 3D decals (which was pretty damn awesome at the time)

Even if the second story was shit, the toned down effects are part of what ruined it for me. In FEAR 1 you could shoot the shit out of a room until you literally could not see a thing, and when the smoke cleared there would be holes in the walls everywhere, and the whole experience just felt interactive. In FEAR 2 there was none of this to speak of, and on top of that, there was barely any dynamic shadows - despite all of this shown off in droves in previous game presentations.

That, and the first game had not only the best AI of the series, but some of the best AI of any game. Some soldiers would occasionally play dead to try and escape from you, and their flanking maneuvers and freedom of movement through the environment was amazing.

Scariness-wise, FEAR 2 had a bunch of jump scares, and some of them were nice, but most of them were out of place. It was like BOO LOOK AT ALMA NOW TURN AROUND AND LOOK AT HER AGAIN. FEAR 1 did all kinds of shit to set the mood and atmosphere to make those scripted sequences a dread to play through the first time around.


Yeah I noticed that if I threw a grenade and then started shooting everything the room would get filled with smoke and debris from the walls. Or even if I entirely blow someone up a cloud of blood would obscure my vision.

Edit: Oh and I was hiding behind a wall but there was a window right next to me and one of the guys jumped through the window and started shooting at me. How did they get them to flip stuff and take cover so well?

Edit 2: The guy wrote a dissertation or some shit over it…


They use ladders too. You’d be surprised at how few games have AI using ladders.

Probably one of my more memorable accounts of the F.E.A.R. AI in action is when one of them crawled under a sewer pipe at me. Those are some crazy motherfuckers.

A shame FEAR 1 doesn’t work on my laptop- the engine doesn’t support mobile graphics cards with the sole exception of Perseus Mandate. I wish there was a way to mod the original game and Extraction Point to run on Perseus Mandate’s code so I could actually play them…


I’d be interested to see a comparison between FEAR’s AI and the AI of current games like MW3 or Metro 2033. I can’t say I’ve seen in a modern game anything like the AI jumping through a window at me or like you said, crawling under a pipe.


AI doesn’t matter anymore because MOFPS is where the money is


So I started up the original Thief and played the tutorial and first level. It’s really good so far. The AI is pretty garbage but it’s to be expected from how old the game is. I liked exploring the level to try and find all the valuable stuff I could steal, and the levels are fairly large as well. I noticed that right when you complete your objective the level ends though, which seems like an odd choice. I was expecting to have to sneak back out as well.


i broke mine - then found a snes at the mrs house, her mum was throwing it out. i nearly ran her down in the car.


I was playing some Torchlight on Very Hard + Hardcore on my first playthrough (because I’m soo hardcore! :open_mouth: )
and it ended with me ragequitting and a loss of 5 hours out of my day. Everything was going perfectly fine until a darn Phase beast showed up, I went through the portal and was greeted by 2 large enemies and 5 or 6 small/medium ones. I tried to run but the area I was in wasn’t even large enough for all of us to fit on. so much rage…

Torchlight is very fun btw, but I won’t be playing it again anytime soon.


Played alooot of Borderlands xD


Finally getting around to playing Deus Ex. Don’t know why I haven’t played this before, it seems like my kinda game




Saints Row the third.
Played 36 hours since I bought it and the save games show 85% done, haven’t finished the story yet. Some things in this game feels like a step down since the prequel. There’s a lot more non customizable vehicle(however, you can customize them with the help of a glitch) and Shaundi’s personality went down the drain, now she’s just “I’m a girl and I’m tough, so fuck off!”.


Went to Boston, Massachusetts this weekend, so I played some MarioKart 7 and Magic the Gathering with a friend of mine in the hotel.


That game has been sitting on my hard drive for God knows how long, waiting for me to finish it. I just haven’t gotten around to it. :[


I reinstalled Fallout: New Vegas again a few days back, and it’s been occupying most of my time since.

I fist played the game back when it was released, but I never got into it much then, despite having played Fallout 3 to death.


Payday: The Heist.


bf3 - only have 2 more karakand assignments and premium assignments left woo…err…


playing Alice: Madness Returns


Binding of Isaac
Alice: Madness Returns
Spore (was so let down by it when it camr out, so I’ve quitted very soon in the game, I now give it a full chance to prove itself)