What Game Did You Play Today?


Bioshock. Getting tired hearing the Splicers sing the same damn tune all the time.

Jesus loves me! This I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong;
They are weak, but He is strong.


have you kindly asked them to stop?


A man chooses. A slave obeys.

Played a bunch of Roller Coaster Tycoon today.


Music 2000.


The harder difficulties have you sneak back out and the guards are more reactive as well, though they are still prone to making funny mistakes at times.

The regular ones are designed to have you feel like a master, after all.

I remember playing the first mission on hard as a kid where you couldn’t kill anyone, and I blackjacked the peasant in the kitchen and dropped him in the sink, but I was pretty young so I didn’t realized I drowned him and thought the game broke :lol:

Once you finish the game (if you do, still haven’t finished it myself because I had difficulty in the later levels :/) you should check out The Dark Mod if you haven’t already.

Playing more Deus Ex - on to Hong Kong

Also played BF3 earlier on Gulf of Oman flying F-35s, got shot down and roadkilled by a jet in mid air once, then the second time I managed to drop C4 and blow him up in mid air.

EDIT: Haha oh wow I was playing Deus Ex and found out SPOILER[COLOR=‘Black’] the password to the locked door with the guy behind the intercom in hell’s kitchen is "Bloodshot"SPOILER


Just got through The Walking Dead episodes 1 and 2. Episode 1 was about what I expected. Episode 2 was @_@

I would recommend it. I feel like I’ve already gotten the $15 I put into it, and there is more to come.


More New Vegas.

Sneaked up on Caesar and punched him in the face. I wanted to kill him by exploding his pants, but they don’t allow you to pickpocket him. Bastards.

I really love the ability this game offers to come up with your own solutions for nearly any problem.


I’m still just playing loads of Skyrim.


Started playing Spec Ops: the Line. Pretty good so far.

Also, I’ve been having trouble today with my AV registering a steam DLL as malware. Everything seems to work fine when I disable it while starting up steam/games, and I see that steam is updating again, so hopefully that will resolve everything.


Got my original “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six” running. Currently on mission 3- “Operation Angel Wire.”


Prototype 2…not bad…not bad at all,it’s a shame what happened to Radical Entertainment.


Fallout 3 with URWLv5-Rain…

I like this add-on, It brings out a little more color and you can customize it to suit yourself…


Phantasy Star Online 2

This game is awesome, even if I can’t understand the Japanese text the game plays just like the others, so it’s pick up and play.

Best F2P ever.


Just finished F.E.A.R. and it’s one of my favorite FPS’ ever. It’s pretty much perfect. Also, at one part there was a door with boards over it so there wasn’t even a small space to move through. I started getting rid of the boards but started getting shot at from the side. I turned and started shooting and out of the corner of my eye I see another enemy on the other side of the doorway with the boards. He drops to the floor and rolls under the wood through the small opening I made a few seconds earlier and starts shooting at me. I couldn’t believe it.

About to continue Crysis Warhead.


Been playing Deus Ex on and off, along with FF7 with the hardcore difficulty mod, and just installed Doom 3 so I could install The Dark Mod and play some missions in that.

Every time I think of FEAR I just think of this song

I remember hearing this song come on, crawling up to that pillar on the upper level with the picture on the wall, and bashing it and realizing “wow pictures actually move when you hit them” and then leaning around the corner and listening to the replicas

Man FEAR had pretty damn good ambience


The original F.E.A.R. was just so damn good, as was Condemned. Both series tanked after sequels were made. Damn shame.

Oh, and continuing the trend of favorite F.E.A.R. music scores, I offer you the “Garage Battle.”


Oh yeah I fucking love that song.

Playing The Dark Mod, and I was attempting to “ghost” the mission I was playing, and doing pretty well - but then I found out you aren’t even supposed to put out lights to ghost a mission so I said fuck it and stared boping people on the head.


Nearing the end of Spec Ops: Heart of Darkness. I figured it would be like this ever since they said the name Colonel Konrad.


Finished off Bioshock.
I can totally understand why people say that Bioshock is way better than Bioshock 2. The story is good when compared to the second game. My first encounter with the Bioshock series was with Bioshock 2 some years ago and to be honest, that game isn’t fun at all when you played one hour in to it, just repetitive.

I took the good turn, rescuing the little sisters. I’ll have to play it through another time to see the bad ending.


Spider-man: Shattered dimensions