What Game Did You Play Today?


I’m a fucking idiot. I was playing through fear thinking “HURR DIS OST SOUNDS A LOT LIKE TRON 2.0” (as in, a lot of the same types of rhythms, same instrument sounds used)

Same guys. Fucking hell.

fyi, it too, has a fucking amazing ost.


I beat the first one and immediately went to the second one. I couldn’t even get past the first hour without getting bored, I never finished the game and sold it for a quick buck. :confused:

Also, Battlefield 3 and some Phantasy Star Online 2


I signed up for it, played the intro mission, set up my Xbox controller, but haven’t done anything else. The intro mission was fun, though, I’m sorta waiting for my friend that knows Japanese to install it and be the party leader, so all I have to worry about is killing shit >_> WTB English patch or NA release.

Yesterday and today, I put quite a bit of time into Arkham City. I’m sure I’m at least close to the end now, and I’m surprised, with how beat up Batman’s suit is, that he isn’t calling Alfred for a replacement.


I believe you covered your bases. Too bad multiplayer in BattleTanx isn’t nearly as engaging as Team Fortress.

In any case I beat BattleTanx for the N64. Good game, though the mission objectives got real repetitive towards the end. Different level, same objective as the last one. What the heck is that? Still, there are tanks, that blow things up. Multiplayer is more fun when you’ve got four people playing (as made evidenced by my previous post regarding BattleTanx).

So I moved on to replaying Global Assault for the N64 as well (there was a far inferior version on the PSone). There are definitely huge improvements over difficulty balancing, sound, and graphics. More weapons, and more tanks are always a good thing. I had always felt that it was a great game, simply because its multiplayer modes were top notch for the time. Had a lot of fun playing with my buddies.

I’m working through the single player campaign currently. As I never really played it all that much, especially without resorting to cheats, the campaign is essentially a new experience where I know the outcome, while not exactly knowing how well I’ll perform.


I finished Dark Messiah in one day.


Just set up System Shock 2 in Win7, gonna play it coop


Been playing a lightly modded Fallout: New Vegas after getting the Ultimate Edition in the summer sale. I’m having a lot of fun with it so far. Anyone have stand-out mod recommendations for this game? I usually like to keep gameplay pretty vanilla on my first playthrough, but good graphics/weather/AI mods?


Borderlands and Far Cry 2.


Just beat Arkham City. The final scene had been spoiled for me months ago, but I wasn’t expecting things to play out the way they did up to that point.

Also, when I stopped yesterday, all I had to do was fight the final boss. If I’d known that, I’d have put the extra 20 minutes into the fight + cutscenes.


So I’ve never played System Shock 2 before, and I see people saying that you should definitely play it SP first, but I usually enjoy coop in anything a lot more then SP.

Anyone who played it have a suggestion? I know it probably hurts the atmosphere playing with two people but when I play coop with my friend we take the game very seriously


Played a bunch of F-Zero GX. It’s a great game, but…

Few games can make me so physically angry. Expert difficulty races on Sapphire cup tracks are a fucking nightmare. The AI totally cheats on Big Blue and Mute City Serial Gaps is crazy enough on any difficulty without the AI completely breaking the max speed values on controllable racers.


Alpha Prime.
Bought it during the summer sale since it was listed in the ‘hidden gems thread’ and it was cheap. I can tell you now that it’s not a gem.
A typical space game with a plot with roots in that some big ass corporation tries to fuck you over. All this just because some strange artifact called ‘Glomar’s Heart’ that travels in veins of a strange space drug called hubbardium.


Crysis 2… jesus this game looks soooo fucking good. Gentlemen, we are truly, finally, getting damn near complete photorealism. I said that years ago – can’t remember which game… but I think I was smokin’ doobies (proverbial type) then. This is… just… jaw-dropping beautiful! Okay, some textures and less-than-perfect bumpmapping on some shiny surfaces shatter any suspended disbelief from time to time. But when you are standing at an intersection, looking all around, and sunlight is creeping between buildings… wow. I have been to NYC 5 times… now I can almost say 6.


I remember playing Metal Gear Solid 2 back when it came out and thinking “How can graphics get any better than this?”


I want to play Crysis 2 just for the graphics but I’m going to wait until it’s like $5 first.


Dude, it was like $17 for all 3 during the sale. And EA are such pricks, I would not be surprised if they pulled their remaining titles from Steam in near future… maybe you should pounce, next time it is 66% off or better. lovin’ this game.


MGS2’s Tanker Chapter is still a standard for great weather effects. Few games hold a candle to it. There is so much great stuff about that game.

Of course, a lot of people can levy criticism at the plot. But it’s a very specific message the game is conveying- Hideo Kojima saying to the player “You people won’t stop buying Metal Gear! I hate working on it, you should hate playing the same bullshit over and over. I say, stop buying it so I can move on to a new IP. Except whenever I say a MG game is my last, I get fucking death threats. So FUCK YOU ALL for buying this game. Thank you, and nukes are bad.”

I still thought it was brilliant though :smiley:


Just finished Hitman 2. I have no clue how I managed to clock 52 hours in it but that’s what Steam says. I might have left it on pause at one point for a long time. I’m pretty excited for Absolution.


Crysis and Crysis: Warhead. (On maximum settings, of course.) I wanted more of each. Currently waiting for Crysis 2 to finish downloading.


It was great, but I never really liked playing as Raiden.

Probably because MGS1 was my first metal gear game, so I wanted MOAR SNAKE to play as.