What Game Did You Play Today?


The first I played was 3, then 1. By that point I needed a break from Hayter’s drawl, so it was an interesting change to play as Raiden, even if his girlfriend was a clingy bitch. Besides, from an academic standpoint, MGS2 is actually used to teach meme theory in some places, so it’s a very important and well-researched title.


Decided to give Alpha Protocol another try and I’m really enjoying it. Seeing your choices affect the game world is really cool. It’s also one of the best looking UE games I’ve played, and it runs well too. Playing it stealthy as that seems to be the “right” way to do it. Putting on that silent walking effect and running right up behind people to knock them out is fun :3 .


Well, I also hated Raiden’s character in general.


down down up, would of made killing guys even easier.

-bf3. 1 assignment left. then its onto premium skins.


Been binging on Killzone 2. The multiplayer is actually pretty awesome.

Anyone here have it actually? I’ve been staying off of voice because unfortunately, the Killzone crowd is some of the worst around, even worse than Gears of War’s players. It would be relieving to actually be able to talk to people and having a few good laughs.


Unfortunately I don’t have my PS3 currently :confused: IDK about KZ2, only played the demo, but I enjoyed KZ3’s multiplayer


Don’t have it yet :confused: Killzone 3 still costs way more than I’m willing to pay for a Killzone title.
The 3d demo is fucking amazing though. Best 3d in a game I’ve ever seen. Ever.


Holy fuck, had some excellent games in Natural Selection 2.

Was playing for a little bit and was about to quit cuz I was tired, but then we started getting more people in the server, and we finally got a guy who was pretty damn good at comm. He gave me shotguns because apparently I was the best shot with them, and I was doing pretty good today. I literally got like 10 different aliens who tried to ambush me from the walls and ceilings before they even touched the ground without missing, and I was able to survive for about a minute in the Alien spawn with a bunch of them, in another match with a shotgun and a comm who was quick to drop medpacks. I actually ended up dying when I ran out of all my ammo lol.

But after that, we had some damn close games. We won 1 as marines by a hair, then lost 2 others and finished it up by switching to Aliens and winning another close, intense round on that.



Found ourselves another hippie van. Now to make sure no trees fuck our shit again… :hmph:


I’d join you, but I lack a headset compatible with a PS3, and the game itself.

I’ve been playing Dynasty Warriors Next. I finally beat all the side story campaigns, and have started on completing trophies. I went as far as to make a spreadsheet with each character’s name, a column for Bro status, a column for marriage status, (the real hangup, you can only “marry” one character per conquest game of the opposite gender from the leader you’ve chosen) a column for unlocked weapons, and a column for alternate costumes. I have my work cut out for me, only 65 characters :meh: in the game, so at least 65 games of 3+ faction Conquest before I unlock everything I’m missing. Not counting the items I need to do specific goals to unlock.

I don’t know if I’ll complete this game ever. Especially since, even though the Vita is doing terrible at retail, I have three friends that have them. None of them are willing to get this game, so I doubt I’ll ever get everything. Since you need to beat the multiplayer maps to get some items, and they’re too hard to solo.


Meme theory, huh? That’s some kind of legacy.

I beat Battletanx: Global Assault - N64, and now I’ve moved onto:

for the Wii. Excellent game. Adds quite a bit more depth to the core concept of the Bit.Trip series.


This blog finally pushed me into playing Mass Effect 3. I’ve been loving it. Once I got past my initial hang-ups it’s just been a blast. I don’t think I’ll even care about the ending since I’ve known about it for so long. The journey there will be enough.

I just got to the part where [COLOR=‘Black’]Mordin sacrifices himself to cure the genophage. I’m reminded of when I first played the first Mass Effect. Given how epic people said the game was, I was surprised at the airy, ethereal theme song that played when I launched it for the first time. It grew on me after a while, but I still thought it felt a little out of place. I now realize how powerful and fitting it really is in this series.


Spent the passed two days playing through Half-Life: Source and Opposing Force. Beat both for the first time actually. I knew the games fairly well but never actually made it through both of the games. Sad, I know. Especially since I’m posting on this forum…

Anyways, HL Source is gets pretty bad once you get to Xen. Not gameplay wise (well, yes but everyone already knows that) but just in the way the game runs. Some of the music doesn’t play when it should and the Xen water goo has been replaced with standard water. And the Gonarch boss fight had issues too. Especially at the end where it blows up and causes you damage. I didn’t have a lot of health and I was pretty much screwed since the game saved when it fell through the hole. If I somehow made it through alive, the baby headcrabs would peck me to death. Not sure if that HL:S or just HL1 in general but that was pretty lame. Or maybe I just fail at that part of the game? :3

Opposing Force was great. Didn’t really care for the Voltigores and the Shock Troopers but oh well, still a fantastic game. It was a little on the short side and the boss fight against the Gene Worm at the end moved really slowly, but it’s still a good game.

I’m working on Blue Shift right now and not particularly liking it. Gearbox seemed really adamant about adding in as many spawning Vortigaunts and badly placed head crabs, along with crappy level design as possible. But I digress.

So HL and OP: Two, really awesome games. If you’re on here simply “waiting until the mod’s out.” Don’t. It’ll give you more to look forward to.


So. Crysis 2. It’s pretty, but holy shit, the consolitis, it burns. The FOV is super narrow, and can’t be adjusted in-game. One-stop ammo resupply crates. Tactical visor that practically plays the game for you. Everything on one use button. The suit menu from the previous games is gone. The quick-save and quick-load from the previous game is gone. What the fuck. Why would you even remove that.


Only thing I can think of is that with checkpoint saves, reloads are instantaneous… I know, I hate it too. Give me full control. I don’t mind waiting a couple extra seconds.


What sucks is that now it’s harder to screw around since you can’t save anytime anymore. Not to suggest there’s much to screw around with, though.


Also what really bugged me was the segmented progression instead of Crysis’s “linear” story : Since the jump from the C17 to the aircraft carrier, you can live every moments. Crysis 2 don’t make you feel your journey in NYC but instead highlights only key moments.


Playing Mission Improbable finally. And I’ll be damned if it isn’t gorgeous for a source mod.


Decided to reinstall and play some Call of Duty.

Played it on veteran in a “1 HP” mode, because I’ve already played this thing too many damn times. Even that isn’t anything new, though, and I don’t really know how to keep it fresh at this point.

Wonderful game in any case, and it’s definitely aged well.


Counter-Strike 1.6 on bhop_cave. Great map for practicing bhopping :slight_smile: