What Game Did You Play Today?


Halo 3: ODST.


That didn’t last long.

I also played some Killzone 2. Just ordered KZ3 as well. Does anyone else here have it?


Original Call of Duty/ United Offensive?

As for what I’ve been playing:

  • Finished “Persona 3 FES” (mode: The Journey). Started The Answer afterwards, but my GOD is it hard. Stupidly so.

So then I put “Mirror’s Edge” back on my computer and wondered why there wasn’t a sequel to a game so unique and completely kickass. Fast and fluid first person parkour running meets a Designer’s Republic style city with a very dodgy disarm system, with a perfectly measured electronic soundtrack to compliment the action and a surprisingly layered plot. (Detective story meets political thriller, but subtle and in the background much of the time.) It wasn’t perfect in any sense of the word, but, to be fair, “Edge” is very much the sum of it’s parts. Even if it’s short as hell.


i played today in some Half life :Source, Half life 2, Half life 2 episode one, half life 2 episode two and probably in 50 years im going to play Half life episode 3 or Just Half life 3 :smiley:


I do, gimme your PSN name.


Indeed, the very best.


Base Assault on CoD : UO back in the day was fucking sick.

At the time it was like mini-Battlefield with better gunplay and fps mechanics.



The game won’t be in for a while, but in the meantime I got Uncharted 2/3 and Killzone 2.


Doublepost because I just beat Journey.

Gotta be the best interactive experience I’ve had in a while. The industry and the community needs more games like this. The kinda game with a small vocabulary and a lot to say. Or something.


Back to Fallout: New Vegas. I played through the Old World Blues DLC over the past week. A lot of fun, and great voice acting.


I somehow made it through my first miniboss fight in Persona 3 FES: “The Answer.” I’m amazed I’ve somehow managed to handle the jump from my Beginner playthrough of P3 The Journey to the Expert-as-default setting of The Answer.



Kerbal Space Program

Playing around with the EVA and even performed the beginning of Mass Effect 2. :smiley:


Which is very coincidental, because just 2 hours ago I got done with a 6 hour stream of Old World Blues.


… Which is also very coincidental, because I played Kerbal Space Program today as well.

That’s all I played today.


still playing bf3 - start getting into scrims with it.



I like it.


I attempted to play ME3’s multiplayer so I could raise my galactic readiness level, but however it sets up games is terrible. Tons of lag and disconnects (I tested my internet, it’s not the problem), not to mention idiot players who run off on their own to die and then get the rest of the team killed trying to revive them. I think I’ll just stick with being completionist in the single player so I can get the best ending.


If you have problems with lag, just host your own. Bronze makes one idiot running off and dying not a big deal. Set the map to random, and you raise all sectors of the galaxy evenly (3%) or by choosing a specific map, you raise that sector a lot (5%) and all other sectors a little. (1%)

I played some Super Stardust Delta, and some Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs is pretty nice so far, sorta like a GTA that focuses on melee combat instead of gunplay. You don’t raise/lower your Triad/Cop XP unless you’re in a mission, so you can go around and go crazy outside of missions and not worry. My only gripe is the combat emulates the Arkham games, but isn’t as smooth and awesome. It’s still decent, but not nearly as polished.


Alpha Protocol is still fucking awesome. Espionage, betrayal, and coverups. There are so many chances to kill main characters that it amazes me that they allowed that much freedom in the plot.


I just wish the PC port had better controls. It’s a very sloppy port on the whole. (Even just some controller support other than Xbox 360 would have been nice…)


Dead Space 2! And… Alone in the Dark!

Nothing beats the golden oldies.


I tried to play Alone in the Dark, but the controls were too clunky & terrible.