What Game Did You Play Today?




I’ve been hearing good things about the King’s Quest series lately, so I decided to download a bunch and try them out.

I got through the first and second today and did indeed enjoy them. I downloaded the fan remake for the first game because, you know, 1982 and all that.

When it came to the second game, however, I read that they changed a lot more for that one and felt it would bring the “genuine experience”, so I went with the original. Ironically, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than the first one, and found the text-based controls favourable to the point-and-click.
I played through the remake afterwards anyway, and while it was overall decent, with some lovely graphics, the added plot got pretty silly at times, and it was needlessly padded out with puzzles where you just want to see the next screen.
Also way too much focus on the fucking Vampires.




Ramin Djawadi’s only good piece :frowning:
To be fair, it’s not just good, it’s fucking awesome. But still, god damn his other stuff is puuuuure ASDJKHFLGSLKFAS.


I played Rome: Total War today… it took me back. I’m so stoked for Rome 2 I just hope they don’t pull a Shogun.


Been playing the original “skate.” a bunch lately. EA during 2007 and 2008 seemed almost like a different publisher. Mirror’s Edge, the original Dead Space, and skate. all in at once, and all surprisingly fresh and unique. Then everything went to shit.


I like the idea of those games so much but I can’t play them to save my life :frowning: .


Gears 3. I loooove this game’s color palette. Love the controls too. best Gears.


Yea the series can be hard to get familiar with but once you get it, it becomes insane amounts of fun, especially with people you know.


Sleeping Dogs. If it wasn’t for the stupid camera hacking minigame it would be pretty much perfect.


I rented Borderlands 1 for Xbox 360 and played some of it. I already knew it was a great game (I played the free weekend on Steam) but I wanted to see what the 360 version was like and I’ll say it was more fun, mainly because it’s split-screen and my brother and I like co-op games. Sort of…

I also played Mass Effect 3 (360), RP’d in Garry’s Mod with my friends, played some Team Fortress 2 MvM with my friends, then played some Half-Life 1 mods.


I love Gmod Rp but gave up after it kinda died and I was banned by admins for defending myself


Finally getting around to playing Mass Effect 3 in earnest. I’d held off on it for ages because of the endings controversy (Already have the ending patch, and plus there were glitch fixes in the updates too, because half the fucking quests were broken at launch), as well as having more important games to finish (Persona 3 FES’s “The Journey” mode).


I’ve been trying to play the new release of Final Fantasy VII on PC, but the cloud saves ruin it. As in, you can’t save or load until it either syncs your saves with the server, or the connection times out. It takes forever for the connection to time out. I also wish they had the AA/smoothing that the PS1 version had on the backgrounds.

It’s possible to patch it to the pre-2012 PC version, I may end up doing that and losing out on the achievements that don’t really mean much. Plus be able to mod it, though I don’t think I would, unless someone has a shader or something to smooth out the backgrounds.

I’ve also played more Sleeping Dogs and Dynasty Warriors Next. And Megaman Maverick Hunter X, quite a large difficulty leap once I go to Sigma’s stage, because of the guy that tries to knock you into spikes once you get in the water.


Decided to play some BF3 since I haven’t bothered to touch it (and probably won’t again until armored kill comes out).

I love setting up ambushes. It feels so satisfying when the enemy springs your traps. :smiley:


So I finished King’s Quest 3 plus the two remakes. So far it’s the one I liked the least, it was kinda cryptic with the magic, and it didn’t have the exploration I enjoyed in the last two. It also got a bit annoying with having to watch the clock all the time, and then there’s the bullshit with the magic manual.

As for the remakes, I enjoyed the first one the most gameplay wise, it stuck to the original just fine, keeping the puzzles intact and only expanding on the story a little in just the right places where it makes sense.

The second remake is far superior in terms of voice acting and graphics, though, and while I didn’t mind the changes in puzzles too much for the most part, it got a tad annoying trying to do one of the old objectives again, but just running into more and more stuff they added. It mostly felt like they needlessly padded out the game with a lot more going back and forth, and giving you less time to do so. At least it wasn’t as bad as the last one.

In the end I wish the second team would have made the first team’s game.


Anybody here played AGD Interactive’s Quest For Glory II?

I’m also trying out the first King’s Quest after seeing how many people are playing it. Played some Opposing Force (HOLY CRAP THOSE SHARKS ARE SCARY) and Sweet Half-Life.


RAGE!!! This game keeps getting better and better and better. I am completely blown away. I shit you not, I would almost put it up there with HL2…

Okay, it is somewhat thin in the story department, but this thing has buttloads of atmosphere and is certainly one of the most immersive games I have ever played. I play games for escapism (and tend to shy away from squad and/or co-op) and Rage delivers better than just about anything else I can remember. And as far as post-apocalyptic themes go, it is second to none. No game that I am aware of, including Fallout3, comes even close. They totally nailed it. And this is an artistic gem. Level design, lighting, characters, clothing, weapons are all something to behold. Never, in any game, have I spent so much time just walking around and checking shit out (after blowing everyone away). And the sounds and VOs are top-shelf. I found that turning off music (for this game) really helps overall ambience.

Bottom line: Rage takes me somewhere, does it with total style and panache, is a complete fucking blast to play (whether on foot or in vehicles) and keeps me wanting more and more. I got it on sale for around $10… I would gladly pay $60, with a song in my heart, knowing what I know about this game now.

Once tweaking config to use all 8 cores (dual quad opteron) and 8k textures, this thing is smooth as butter and the texture pop-ins are completely gone.

The only things that I can really find any fault with are: [1] the high-res low-res texture discrepancy is a little funky - but I am getting used to it, and at this point, I am hardly noticing. [2] Enemy VOs (the shit they are shouting at you, whilst in combat) is very, very repetitive… Jesus they need a patch for that… Tiny open letter to industry: If you are going to insist on cutting corners and/or being lazy with regard to repetitive dialog, for the love of gawd, will you please supply a button to [x] Turn Off Repetitive Speech. [3] Poop - I did just think of something else that irks the shit out me… invisible walls. There are plenty. Many, many times you find yourself wanting to jump over something 2-3 feet high to venture “back there” and simply can’t. It is a trade-off, I suppose. At the cost of obstacles only a couple feet high, you get to see more and not be guided through Crysis-canyon-style level design.

If you have not played Rage, and you are intrigued by the above statements, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not getting it and playing the shit out of it… especially at the absolute bargain-basement price of $19.99 on Steam. To not get it next time on sale would be preposterous.

EDIT: :frowning: That ending came way, waaaaaaay sooner than expected, and was quite lame… my hopes of having an epic race to beat some clock of some sort (stop a nuke going off or something cool) then capped off with an even more epic battle in a large outdoor/valley setting… well, was not to be. In stead, we are treated to a very forgetable and uneventful corridor affair… I only used the BFG once… Shame on you, iD. I take back $20 off the $60 that I would have (gladly) paid. It was still a great game, up until the end…


King’s Quest IV and V completed.

They were both fine.

… Yeah, I don’t really have much to say about these ones compared to the others. I guess the enhancements of V were pretty cool, what with the graphics and all. The voices were horrendous, though.


After you place VI, you’ll have to tell me who you hate more: Cedric or Jollo.

It’s a tight race.