What Game Did You Play Today?


Good Old Games recently had a sale, so I got “XIII” and “Far Cry 2.”

The latter I installed first, since it was a version freed from the shackles of Ubisoft’s shit DRM. It is a lot more fun on PC than it was on 360, but the encounter rates against enemies are fucking ridiculous. Is it worth playing vanilla, or should I just mod it?


Hl2 deathmatch.


Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn


Been playing Guild Wars 2 all day. My server is Sanctum of Rall if anyone is interested (pre-purchase early access FTW)

Now that I’m giving it more time than I did in beta, I think it’s even better than it was then. What feels like an hour in reality is 2-3 hours. I love when games feel that fresh and pull you in so well.

I’m playing an elementalist, and I’ve got most of my weapon skills unlocked, all I need are Earth scepter/focus and most of the trident skills. I’m at level 11.

I also tried a bit of WvW, and one of the two servers mine is matched up against must just be PvP crazy, they’re dominating so far. I was level 9 when I entered, and it boosts your level and damage, level to 80, damage I don’t know if it’s just a byproduct of the level increase, or if they actually boost it as well. I crit for 60k on a rabbit.


Been playing Planetside 2 Beta, or at least trying to. A mix between my PC being crap and the server being stuffed makes it unplayable for me.


Downloaded and played Crysis 2. It runs better than the original and looks really good too, though it has too much contrast. I don’t hate the suit controls actually but they’re not as good as the original. I kind of like being able to do a strength punch or jump with the press of a button. The game suddenly dropped to 1 fps out of nowhere though and I had to quit.

Also Alpha Protocol and FEAR Extraction Point.


Played some Kerbal Space Program. Constructed a malicious manifestation appropriately dubbed “The Citadel.”

It lags the FUCK out of my machine. I wanted it to be the center of command on the Mun.

Oh well. :frowning:


I finally completed Mass Effect 3 today. I know Bioware denies Indoctrination Theory, but it’s really hard not to believe it. I’m going with it, just cause it blows the “real” endings out of the water, and it’s actually really plausible for a fan theory.

Endings aside, it was a fantastic journey of a game. By the end I even liked James, who I hated at the beginning. And then Kaiden came onto my maleshep and creeped me out, so there’s that. Plus I could never get over EDI’s body. Just looked weird to me, couldn’t take her on missions. Oh and [COLOR=‘Black’]renegade shooting Udina and renegade stabbing Adam Jens-I mean Kai Lengwas super satisfying.




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Wow, great vid!

Wow, great vid!

Wow, great vid!


Currently re-playing Red Dead Redemption.


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So that’s King’s Quest VI down. This is probably my favourite so far, goes a long way of modernising. While V already upgraded the interface and graphics, it still stuck to the old gameplay a lot, this one removed a lot of the overly-cryptic bullshit such as randomly wandering in the desert or ocean and most of the puzzles and item locations actually made sense. The story and characters were also more fleshed out and developed, and the voice acting was far superior.

I also liked the fact that it moved away from the grid-based map to specific paths, which makes exploration and finding out what to do easier by reducing size and removing superfluous screens.

Most of this is just really to be expected, though, by being newer, the older games didn’t have the capabilities, and I don’t fault them for that.

And as for Mr. Soup’s question, I’m gonna go with Cedric. Jollo was definitely more annoying per se, but at least he wasn’t all over the game following you around.


Some battlefield 3.

Just had a ninja moment, zipping and dodging through rain of bullets and tank fire, killing enemies faster than lightening.

Too bad that doesn’t happen more often.


Rebeat Half-Life 1 on Hard


borderlands 2 coop - so much fun. amped for borderlands 2 in September.

have a whirl with some bf3 sc tonight. scrims commen up shortly.


You have a demo/beta or am I not reading your post right?


Beat Fear Extraction Point. I heard that neither Perseus Mandate nor 2 continue the story. That sucks. Debating on whether or not I want to start up Alpha Protocol.


Finally caved and bought CS GO, along with a friend. Pretty good for $15.