What Game Did You Play Today?


I’ve been playing lots of CS:GO with my friends on a private server I set up. Botstomping with just the few of us versus a loaded team of max difficulty enemy bots is real fun. :slight_smile:


had borderlands 2 on the brain, meant the borderlands.


Fucking NS2. The new map is amazing, the new exosuits are amazing, everything is fucking amazing.

I have gotten so much for my money with this game.


Guild wars 2 baby!
anyone else playin GW2?


Just played a really intense 2-hour game of Natural Selection 2 on the new map, Veil as aliens. The marines were beating our asses pretty badly at first, but we were able to coordinate and use a lot of harassment tactics and trickery, despite them being all tech’d up, until finally we were able to get a good assault on their main and kill them off.

The teamwork and coordination we had in the match was fucking awesome, and it reminds me of why dropping 30$ on this game was one of the most worthwhile purchases I ever made.

I only wish I recorded it, but even though I can record the game now it still hurts my fps to points where It makes it harder to play, so I got a couple of other games with FRAPS, but not this one. Surprisingly though, as long as I keep it “half-size”, I can record it pretty consistently, with the lows being around 30 fps.


Took a break from all my Questing of the King to play some Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Damn fun game, one of the few things I only ever play on the XBox. Same XBox playing, however, has made sure I’ve never actually finished the game as I rarely have the energy to walk all the way over to the living room to turn on my TV when I might as well stay here and play something.

I got close once, though, but that was on my old XBox, which is far, far away at my father’s house, of course my 360 has none of those saves, so I’m just replaying the things I’ve already done. I guess that isn’t too bad, though, since I actually know enough English to get the story now.

But, yeah, I think I’m gonna get one of thems XBox VGA cables so that I can hook it up to my monitor and play more often. Might motivate me to get a few more games and have some use for the damned thing, too.


I’m actually really enjoying Crysis 2 despite the flack it gets. The new suit usage is kind of disappointing but it pretty fluid to use too. I really like the way they replaced lean. You can’t do it all the time, which sucks, but if you’re up against a wall or something you just hold the aim button and your guy will lean over or around the obstacle. If a game doesn’t include lean it should at least include that function. After playing this I’m actually looking forward to Crysis 3 more than I was.


My post disappeared :frowning:

Played a bunch of Ratchet & Clank in the Ratchet & Clank Collection.


Just finished Alpha Protocol and it was fantastic. I looked it up though and there’s apparently only 4 or so endings, but I’m guessing those endings vary depending on other factors in the game as well. My Thornton didn’t end up with a love interest in the end :frowning: .


^ I want to finish that game but the PC controls are soooo terrible.


My Thorton slept with everyone. He also had this awesome lumberjack beard and a camo cap.


What’s bad about them? I bound the keys for the most part the way I do to every other game. WASD to move, x to couch, etc. MMB to punch/silent takedown, etc. The sprint key was even separate from the cover key which is nice these days.

Yeah I slept with Madison who died and then with Mina, who also died :stuck_out_tongue: . I actually somehow entirely missed meeting SIE though. Apparently she could have been your handler at the end but I never met her.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


It’s the hacking interface. They bound the other end of the hacking interface to the mouse, rather than a seperate set of keys. It’s obviously geared for dual analogs but they only support the 360 gamepad rather than allowing other types of PC controllers. It’s a very sloppy port, control wise, and the problems with the hacking interface make it unplayable for a stealthy build.


Oh yeah. The hacking with wasd and the mouse was kind of annoying but it never caused me to fail the hacking. It was only one of the minigames too. It was easy most of the time.


I tried to play some Poke646 but, for some reason, I was unable to set keybindings in the options menu.


Really? It makes me fail constantly because of the forced mouse smoothing. I have to basically throw my mouse across the room to get the cursor to move more than 2-3 blocks at a time. It’s very annoying and I uninstalled the game shortly afterwards because I was so pissed off.


I just played through a bunch of Warp. For a small $10 game, it has a ridiculous amount of EA red tape to get through just to play, and it ties your save games to some sort of online account. Plus, it’s very hard to Google anything related to the game. (“Warp how to change resolution” gives me stuff about monitors being warped)

I also just played through Sleeping Dogs. It’s a very short game. You double-click the shortcut, and then it says it stopped working, and it closes.


guild wars 2


Played more Ratchet & Clank, dealt with frustrating lack of checkpoints on a couple worlds, I’m at the end now. Time to gather money for the RYNO. It’s been so long since I’ve beaten this game, they just improved the gameplay so much in Going Commando that I haven’t gone back.

Also played some Tomba! and some Dynasty Warriors Next. And The Walking Dead Episode 3.