What Game Did You Play Today?



Whenever you hear people reminisce about the Gamecube, no one ever mentions Baten Kaitos. There’s always mention of Skies of Arcadia or Fire Emblem, but it seems to me that this franchise is often overlooked. In any case, I decided to start with the prequel first, simply because it occurs chronologically before the first game which was released a few years prior. So far it’s pretty good, even though I’m not a huge fan of turn based RPGs, the game keeps you involved as your opponents make their move. It took me a little bit to understand the Magnus card battling system as it was unclear at first. Even so, they ease you into it, stalling long enough for one to grasp the concept before turning up the heat. Visually, it’s a pretty good looking late era GCN title, though I’m not a huge fan of prerendered backdrops. If there was only one complaint I have, is that the environments suffer because of this design decision. It’s Final Fantasy VII all over again with stagnant and lifeless environs despite being populated with NPCs and enemy creatures. Plus there’s the issue with deciphering what plane you’re occupying when encountering mutitiered environments. Regardless, it’s still good fun, though I lost an hour’s worth of playtime because I had to go to work, and the nearest save points were literally blockaded off. Not cool.


^ I think I have Baiten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean in my gaming bookshelf. I was never motivated to finish it. Card battle systems generally turn me off.


I had a similar problem with RAGE last year. Turns out I had to adjust both the in-game mouse sensitivity settings AND the mouse settings in windows.

Give that shot? Hope it helps.


Finishing my MGS2 play through leading into a quick and dirty “Liquid Easy” play through of MGS4 to prepare for The Boss Extreme Playthrough. Since the update, I can’t use my complete game save file to continue without trophies, but it’s worth it for the full game install. This is all because of MGS:GZ’s awesome trailer. I’m even tempted to continue my play through of MGS: 3D on my new 3DS XL despite its “shortcomings”.


Probably one of the only reasons I’d want a 3DS is for the MGS3 port with Peace Walker style over the shoulder controls. Is it any good? I’d heard mixed things…


I’ve played the demo. It’s hands-down the best 3D I’ve seen on the 3DS, but the framerate drops noticeably when you turn the 3D on. It goes between 3D and normal when you aim in first person.

Other than that, from what I remember of the demo, it was MGS3 in 3D with Peacewalker style controls.

I haven’t played much today, a few battles in Dynasty Warriors Next is about it.


I suppose I can see why, as it essentially removes any direct control the player has over the on screen avatars. Though really it’s just a visual means to run a battle system than simply choosing options from a menu.

To be honest, this is only the second game I’ve played with this type of battle system. Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories was my first, so I don’t feel like I’ve been inundated with this system.


Instead in participating in band practice today, I sat in our space and played Doom.



The game can have pretty awful fps in really weird places, the main menu for example :wink: . It controls ok, but in trying to mitigate the low frame rate they slow down the game and the input by a tad. This can cause “floaty” aiming. It’s certainly serviceable, and it was nice they added in a few things, but get a 3DS for something like RE:R or Kid Icarus: Uprising. MGS: 3D is good, but unfortunately due to perhaps just lack of hardware power (or more likely an un-optimized engine) it’s not great like MGS3. Notably, it’s more enjoyable on my brand new XL (just stopped playing it for 30 minutes breaking it in), mostly due to the screen size and increased comfort. Also hype.

I don’t want to be too harsh, but it’s definitely not worth getting a 3DS for. However, it is nice to have if you’re an enthusiast and also own a 3DS. The 3DS is well worth it for other reasons though especcially the XL. Basically; don’t buy a 3DS XL to play it, either get an XL on its own merits and the game, or if you have no interest in the 3DS at all, just get the HD Collection on PS3 or XBOX 360. As a game, the HD Collection is much better value.


Yup, have the HD collection already. As well as the Subsistence version on PS2.

Heck, I have the rather obscure original Xbox port of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.


CS:GO. I was doing very well, most people ended up leaving and one guy freaked out on me because I flashed him before I killed him.

his response:



That sounds like one of my friends in Call of Duty. He’ll usually win in a 1 on 1 head on fight, but if you flank him, grenade him, flash him, etc. he gets so angry.

I’ve played some Dynasty Warriors Next, and am about to play a bit more of it.


Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. From what I’ve heard, possibly the worst Metal Gear game. I don’t have any problem with it other than the crippling controls, though.


Been playing some serious CS:GO the last week or so. Especially Arms Race. My only complaints are (referring to Arms Race):

1.) You shouldn’t be able to go into an enemy’s spawn point. It’s a cheap tactic that both sides suffer from. They should redesign the maps slightly to allow both sides to spawn in a safe zone so they can’t be killed upon deploying. Likewise, this would keep enemies from getting cheap kills and also being mauled by the opposing team.

2.) The “shotgun area” in the level up system needs to be re-balanced. From the way the maps are laid out, it can be quite complicated to level up.

3.) (This one is more nit picky to be quite honest): There should be more than two maps. I have faith Valve will add on new maps eventually but two?

All in all, I’d say it’s a fine game for $15. It has its faults, but Valve seems really adamant on making it better and better so I’m sure some of my issues will eventually get worked out.


HL1 on hard.

I forgot how unrelenting and brutal BullSquids actually were to fight in close quarters. Their melee attack is actually kind of scary, and it knocks you into the air.


Spider Solitaire.

I’m stuck with my laptop because I haven’t moved into my new place yet. I was playing Morrowind, but as much as people say that it’s the best of the TES games, I think it’s frustrating as hell. I’ll try Morroblivion when I’ve got my PC back.


I got into the beta for War of the Roses today, so I played that. God damn did I enjoy it.

I’d really like to talk all about it, but then I did sign that NDA and don’t actually know how strict it is, so I don’t want to take any chances.

… Maybe I’ve said too much already just telling you this. Shit.


Uh oh. They’re going to get some people to come over to your house and break your legs and overfeed your goldfish. What have you done, Fnork?!

[COLOR=’#151515’]…and if you don’t have any goldfish, they’ll give you some and then overfeed them!


Oh, shit, no, not goldfish! Anything but that!

Also the not being able to walk, but goldfish is more serious!


Quake 3 Arena… I still play it everyday :stuck_out_tongue: