What Game Did You Play Today?


Battlefield 3, got into some more epic tank battles on Firestorm.

Jesus Christ, I can’t wait for armored kill! :smiley:


GTA San Andreas, I love that game.

Maybe Ocarina of Time later.


Actually managed to play a few games of ME3 MP without a hitch. Amazing. Oh and the only person I’ve ever heard use their mic was one of those “this is the worst team ever” people. Interesting how that works.


Finally managed to beat the seventh mission in Rogue Spear. Took me about twenty tries to do it but fuck, I did it. YEAH.


Front Mission 2


Tried out Crysis for the first time today.


I wish I could play Crysis for the first time again. Just finished playing it a couple of months ago.


Finally finished King’s Quest VII, sure took me some time.

So, yeah, I didn’t like this one. The shift in art style was weird and jarring, the story felt rather flat, had a few plot holes, and left a lot of things unexplained.

Then there was the voice acting. Oh god. The voice acting in V was bad, but mostly because they simply didn’t have any real actors. In this one, some characters are fine, but almost everyone seems compelled to shout and overemote all of their lines, which ends up being extremely annoying.

This game really feels like a cartoon, and I hate cartoons. It’s all just too goofy and silly, and the game moves away so much from the previous ones, to where the very world they live in barely seems the same.

Well, on to the last one, which people say is the worst. After this one, that doesn’t seem very promising, though what I gather is that it’s for all the different reasons. Changes gameplay seems to be the biggest issue people have, but I can appreciate games other than standard point-and click, so it might not bother me quite as much. But I don’t know, I guess I should just go play the game instead of wasting your time with this huge-ass post.


Finally got Metro 2033 to accept me changing the graphics settings. Started a new game on Ranger Hardcore. Ran out of ammo with my submachine gun in the first room, so I’m learning to conserve ammo. It seems to only take 2 or 3 shots to kill anything anyway so I guess I can do that. Playing pretty much maxed out as well, which is nice. The antialiasing doesn’t work very well, like most games these days though.


I randomly wound up playing a bit of “Infinite Undiscovery.” Now that I have a guide that can actually show me the control scheme (because my low res as fuck TV makes reading HUD/menus almost impossible in this game), I’m liking it a lot more. It’s got a real time battle system that flows better than .hack//INFECTION’s combat system. It’s quite a bit more intuitive.


I played the Outside game for once in a while.
But seriously though, played Sleeping Dogs (yesterday). It’s really quite fun. I’m afraid however that after I finish the main quest and do most of the side missions that I won’t be able to just dick around in the world for fun. That’s the thing about GTAIV vs. every other open city free roam game ever: the story line for GTAIV is crap but it’s just so freakin’ fun to mess around that you don’t give two shits about the story.

It normally goes like:
“Oh you know, I haven’t played a story mission in a while, I’ll go do one! sets map marker GAAAASP IS THAT A BUS?”
And then explosions happen. 2 hours later you realize that you still haven’t done that story mission. And then you hijack a helicopter.
The cycle repeats ad infinitum.


Today I played Half-Life on Hard difficulty for the first time in a while.

I got owned by Grunts a few times since at the moment my Half-Life 1 skills are rusty as hell. But I remembered enough of the game to take advantage of things and turn around a few fights that I would have otherwise lost.

Just waiting on Black Mesa now. :slight_smile:


Slender: The Eight Pages.

Holy crap this game had my heart racing. Managed to knab four pages before I met my end.

Though I was having serious lag issues, and my laptop can handle just about any game currently on the market. I dunno, perhaps too many trees.


Ladies and gentlemen, start your Half-Lifes. Wednesday will probably be the first time I’m able to start a Half-Life run before the BM release.


Serious Sam 3 : BFE.

Will play through the remakes of the first and second encounter too. In storyline order. Prelude. Then the others. While I wait for good ol. Black Mesa


I played World in conflict for the first time. I didn’t like it very much. Maybe because there are too many soldiers and the interface is too small.


I plan to play CSS when I get home from work! if that counts… hahah


Have to ask since I’ve taken a freakish liking to it :smiley: , have you not tried CS:GO yet or do you just prefer CSS?


I haven’t actually tried it yet! But I plan to get it after I get BM :slight_smile:
Have you played it?
I’ve played CSS for so long now that I don’t know if I’ll like all the changes that CS:GO has. :zip:


Parasite Eve.