What Game Did You Play Today?



Played some Republic Commando after buying it and not finishing it for a year. It’s a good game. I like the squad functionality with the exception being the AI… And I can never figure out how to kill these annoying things. Seems like they wipe out my entire team even before I notice it’s there.


Yeah, it’s a pretty decent sequel to CSS. They fixed the majority of the annoying things that have bothered me for a long time. The newer game modes (which I’ve mainly been playing) have some balancing issues but it’s nothing to really be concerned about. It’s still an awesome game for only $15.


Yeah, the price is really good for the game it is.
When you say they fixed a majority of things, I’m guessing recoil and hit boxes are included in this?


Essentially. They literally spent almost an entire year tweaking and balancing the game. The results shine through but there’s still some issues as said before. I.E. AWP is still way overpowered. But basic stuff like hit boxes and recoils have all been fixed and balanced.


pc dark souls - need the graphic mod to make it worth wile, but man, the load times are so good. makes me love that game over again.


CS: GO is well worth the investment, though the restrictions on local play are kind of annoying. Not a big deal though as the game is a blast to play online.


Half-Life. I’m up to the beginning of “We’ve Got Hostiles.”


just got up to Anor Londo in dark souls - smashed that top castle - place is a joke once you know all the trapsm plus the boss is arguably the easiest yet coolest looking boss in dark souls.


Playing Half-Life too, I am at the Lambda Reactor now.

  • And no, hard difficulty, but not with just 1hp this time.


Just finished up through Lambda Core in Half-Life. It is now fresh in my mind for Black Mesa on Friday.


I powered through the game from WGH to FAF yesterday. Granted, it’s not nearly the full game… but I’m a bit rusty right now in my Half-Life Hard difficulty so bear with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember enough of the game to anticipate the enemy and use the levels to my advantage though. Won a few battles that I would have otherwise lost.


Haven’t actually had time to play anything since Sunday really, though I did load up HL1 on my piece of shit laptop and played for like a minute.

My laptop is really fucked up, my sister borrowed it for a while, it used to be able to run HL2 on all low settings, I just got it back and it goes as low as 15 fps in HL1 in intense parts when it used to run it smooth.


keep trying to play half life threw steam but it keeps crashing on me. driving me nuts. giving up, ill just bm tomorrow


Played a bit of Counter Strike Source today after attempting to play Tribes: Ascend and finding no one playing.


Some more Baten Kaitos Origins. I believe I’ve clocked in just over 30 hrs, yet it seems as if I’ve hardly scratched the surface. I got my party pumped up quite a bit though. Managed to grab some pretty cool weaponry through Magnus card trading.