What Game Did You Play Today?


Well, I want to play Fallout 4, but the Nuka World update is going to drop some time this month, and if I start modding now, the update will probably break the mods and force me to start from scratch.


Been playing ESO when I’ve been playing games. I think it is fun atleast.

Gotta get back into mechwarrior online, as far as F2p games go, MWO is by far the most polished and well suited to f2p game I’ve ever played.


The Talos Principle. Very grandiose, and all of the levels so far look the same.


No Man’s Sky

Holy shit guys. It’s totally living up to expectations.


Apparently I’m playing Super Mario 14.

I have so many questions.


Ok. So now that I’ve sunk several hours into it, here’s my take on No Man’s Sky-

The game plays and looks FANTASTIC. I was worried the cell shade-y, cartoon-y ish look I saw to begin with wouldn’t work well, but it looks so great. Every planet is pretty unique and oh my God they’re HUGE. The game in general is huge. There’s no loading screens outside of the first one after the menu and between whole galaxies. It’s very impressive really.

As for game play - it’s definitely challenging and definitely all about survival. The gun play is alright, but the ship combat is Hella fun. The ships in general are super fun to fly and you get this great rush from taking off from a planets surface.

I haven’t had any glitches at all, and I haven’t had any tearing or lag on the PS4 either. Overall I give this game a 10 out of 10 because it has totally lived up to its hype. It’s gonna need some things added in the future, especially multi-player wise like maybe jumping to your friends or what not, but so far these guys have impressed the hell out of me, and I anticipate this game growing to be huge.


Finally got around to continuing Dead Space 2.

I really don’t like the visual design of the enhanced slashers, not gonna lie. I like the idea of the massive bulky arms, but the actual textures are pretty shit which is a shame because they otherwise improved on the versatility and look on all the other slashers shown.


I started modding it yesterday anyway. Then the 1.7.10 update dropped and broke F4SE. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I lost


…You bastard. I was free for months.


Because I took a decent break between when I was going through the game and then now continuing it, what I say may not hold any actual truth.

Dead Space 2 is great. Love all the new enemies they put in, they’re neat and interesting but they also seem to have problems with how well/evenly they’re ‘distributed’. So Leapers are a giant bag of bullshit in DS2 because they just insanely buffed, and then they had no problem giving them to me in the early game. Here, take 2-4 leapers at a time, why not!

I’m in the last (I think) chapter of the game and whenever I find the next one, it’ll probably be the first in about 3 or 4 chapters, no joke. They just keep chucking slashers and pukers at you, which gets boring real fast. The game in general just got a lot harder because almost every section seems to be “lets throw hoardes of monsters at Isaac and completely overwhelm them”. I’m on normal so it’s not too hard but it’s more frustrating than anything.


I love Dead Space, even 3 (warts and all). If you’re near the last chapter, there’ll be leapers

a moderately upgraded force gun makes short work of them if they’re really bugging you.

also started up the recently cease and desisted (or was it DMCA’d?) Metroid 2 remake AM2R. Any fan of Zero Mission and/or Fusion would probably enjoy it.


Yeah I just finished it, I was near the end after all. Leapers for days son. They held them off for so long just to throw them in my face near the end. I love that the force guns secondary fire was basically always more useful than the primary, or maybe it wasn’t and I was just too focused on how awesome it felt comparatively.

Just seeker rifled the ending boss, fuck that shit. Overall, just amazing game, I’ll actually go back and play New Game+ one day because it was super enjoyable. In the meantime, I’ll play 3 which I’ve already gone an hour or so into just to see why people didn’t like it. The weapon crafting is cool, but confuses the fuck out of me and the plasma cutter just…feels like shit if I’m being honest. I think it’s mostly the sound contributing to that, it’s just off.

Also wow, I just looked it up and yeah it indeed got DMCA’d. I had seen it released on the day but figured “Oh I’ll download it later”. Guess I can’t now, sad panda.
Edit: Nevermind. :smiley:


I was able to opt into a Steam beta that Beth left lying around that was for some reason version 1.7.9. I got a few hours in. Then the F4SE 0.2.3 update came for version 1.7.10.

There are some definite improvements here. I love the new container UI. I don’t like that they took skills away and replaced them, apparently, with perks.nI’ve got some sort of weird lighting bug happening that might be related to the fact that I’m trying to play in 1440p. Also, I’ve rebound my keys, but about half of the prompts are still displaying the old keys, so I can’t figure out how to do anything in this clunky-ass UI.


Is the lighting rendering (mostly) correctly on the top 2/3rds or so of the screen, but missing / weird on the bottom?

If so try opening C:\Users[user]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Prefs.ini and change




I actually don’t remember after the fact whether the lighting problem was split in different parts of the screen. For me it’s mostly that the lighting or shadows seem to flicker on and off as I move the camera around.

I did find that solution, though, and I’ll be trying it out. I heard that it dramatically changes the look of the game.


You didn’t unlock the FPS, did you?


Noooooooooo. This is a Beth game. I know better than that.

EDIT: It’s ENB. When I turn off ENB, the problem goes away. But I’m only using ENB for the ENBoost memory management feature, and I’m NOT willing to sacrifice that… so, into ENB configuration hell I go.


EDIT: Yeeeep. Reverting to ENB 0.291 fixed it.

Now I just have to figure out how to get my FOV changes to stick.

…and how to fix the UI. And the keybindings. And the floaty jump. And the wonky subtitles.


I recently set up my Raspberry Pi with RetroPie. My friends and I have an inside joke to do with Sinistar.

So I’ve been playing Sinistar.

Fuck Sinistar.


Fallout 4.

I just spent a few hours on the Cannibal in Concord mod quest. I recommend it. Be warned that it’s an atmosphere-oriented puzzle mod. Very little combat. It’s all about hunting for notes and keys that you need to progress.