What Game Did You Play Today?


Finished Spyro 2 the other day (well not fully but I cbf finishing it all).

Now I’m playing TLOZ: The wind waker. God I love emulator technology. I wanted to play ratchet and clank on PCSX2 but apparently how those games work doesn’t allow you to have good working textures. What playing older games has made me think a lot though is “man I really want to just update these games to have nice textures”. Sadly I don’t know anything about modelling or texturing.


I got Gunstar Heroes from the eShop today so I’ve been going through that.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has ever heard of Gunstar Heroes or the GBA version, Gunstar Future Heroes. Apparently they’re really niche games.


I have the eshop version for Wii! I really need to sit down and play it all the way through. I’ve had a strategy guide for the game since forever and I wish I had the Genesis cart.


I just found out that Goldeneye gotta Source engine remake today, so I’ll be doing that later today.


That’s been around for years O_O suddenly everyone is talking about it again xD


Yeah, I didn’t know. I saw a video on Facebook yesterday and was like cool.


Double post, sorry, but I’m playing Resident Evil 4 on my PC and I’m getting this weird resolution issue where it’s like way small on the screen and the in game resolution adjustment isn’t working.

Anyone had this problem and fixed it? I guess it’s manageable and at least it runs, but I’d like to play with the whole picture in the screen and not a small space with black borders.


Been playing TLOZ: Twilight Princess on Dolphin. Just finished the first actual dungeon thing and I’m enjoying it thus far. I’ll go back to Wind Waker soon, just need to figure out the stuttering issues.

Edit: Okay my hunch was correct. It was just the HD texture pack causing the stuttering. I really wanted to use them but they make the game a lot less fluid.


So I fixed my issue with RES4, so been playing that.

Now I just need to buy a controller haha cause God damn this port has the world’s most shit controls.


More Fallout 4. Now that I’m used to the terrible UI, I’m starting to enjoy myself.

After 18-ish? hours, this game hasn’t revealed a lot of lore to me, though. In New Vegas, even if you just set out into the Mojave (which I did), you start to get a sense for the world by exploring and interacting with the characters you find. Fallout 4 just feels kind of bland by comparison.


I liked the game play for 4, the story and lore in NV, and the actual map in 3. Now if only they could combine all 3.


That’s actually a really good summary of my own feelings on the games.


One day I’ll actually commit to playing NV. I bought it for a reason and then when push came to shove I just…didn’t give 2 shits. Maybe I need to mod it first? Or should I “vanilla” run it like in Stalker (albeit stalker vanilla runs use bug fixing mods).

For what I actually played - More twilight princess. Good game except that it made me realise that I’m actually quite stupid at times because I get stuck at simple-ass puzzles that I should know how to do. Also the auto targetting system can be annoying cause I swear it requires me to be within 2cm of the enemy before it picks them up.


warframe! Holy crap has that game come along way, if you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s free on steam, didn’t care for it too much a couple years ago, now, it’s fantastic. Fast, furious, great looking and we’ll optimised. If you have tried it, ITS FREE, if you didn’t like it before. Try it now. It’s a blast.

Sidenote: for the love of god, nvidia please release a doom sli profile…


I’m practicing Super Meat Boy any% wrong warp.

Fuck 6-5.

Fuck 6-5 so fucking much.

Oh my fucking god fuck 6-5.

edit: my first properly timed any% ww run: 15:58.02.

I was going for sub-10. I would have reached it too had I not fucked up the escape for 6 fucking minutes.

edit2: and now I’ve finished the game about 6 times today. well god damn.


I’m doing another run through Dark Souls, because this game is so freakin’ good. I’m doing a DEX/Miracle build this time, because I want to do some coop.


something something I got 7:21.74 in any% ww in SMB


Dark Souls. I’ve been trying all week to co-op two of the early bosses, but nobody is summoning me. I might be slightly overleveled, but not so much that I’m out of everyone’s range.


Ether one: Redux.

I haven’t gotten to the point where I can take comparison screenshots but when I do I’ll try match the ones I took in the original EO, since Redux was rebuilt in UE4 and is meant to look a bit prettier. I forgot how damn hard the puzzles can be in this game.
Edit: Okay it’s definitely prettier. Improved textures here and there, they added some nice fog-ish stuff that gives more depth and atmosphere to locations and generally spruced up the visuals in many subtle ways that add up.


Well, I’m officially on the Overwatch train.