What Game Did You Play Today?


It really is a lot of fun, I haven’t got it yet, but it is definitely fun.


Oh I’m aware, I did play the beta.

I was not happy to be greeted by “go home lvl 1 trash” the moment I entered a game, but I did discover that I really like playing as Lucio


I just finished the Mechanist’s lair in Fallout 4. That’s an awesome level. Bethesda really can design games when they put their minds to it.


What the fuck is it with Overwatch and League and competitive games with toxicity? It’s a fucking game, and neither game is particularly good at teaching the intricacies of mechanics, so why the fuck is it a new player’s fault? Be nice to new players, they help keep your game active.


Especially considering that, if they hadn’t played the beta, they’re technically a newer player than I am.

I’m used to toxicity at this point, though. I feel like I’m going down a checklist marked “things with shit fanbases” and becoming a fan of each. First Sonic, then Minecraft, then [any anime I’ve seen], then Steven Universe. My Little Pony and Call of Duty are at the very bottom, but the more I hear about Home Stuck, the more worried I get.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided doesn’t have the largest levels ever (even though the hub of Prague is quite large), but they are so full. So many apartments and store to rummage through and loot. so many side quests that pop up for you to meander your way through. I really am loving this game. I just wish I had time to play it tonight…


I’m braving UWP to try ReCore against my better judgment. So far it’s proof that names like Keiji Inafune + Metroid Prime devs don’t guarantee a quality project. Weird animations, dry vocal performances and the music isn’t doing anything for me. I’m a sucker for games with dogs, shallow open worlds be damned. Looks great at 4k 60fps though.

On that note if anyone else is having trouble with SLI keeping stable frame rates, setting the sli rendering mode to force alternate frame render 2 in the nvidia control panel and then setting the in-game frame rate to “maximum” really smoothed things out for me. Some shadows will have weird interactions but it’s minor compared to the performance boost.

Honestly I should’ve waited for it to make it’s way to a steam sale. Maybe if enough people got it it would prove to the developers that fans are ready for another Prime game but that’s just me trying to justify a foolish purchase.

p.s was having a lot of fun with AM2R, but i’m stuck now and i promised myself i wouldn’t use a guide. my little brain can’t figure out a 25 year old Nintendo game. I wonder if they still have people manning the old Nintendo of America game tip hotline.


good luck with those 2 minute respawn loads.


Bioshock Remastered. It’s got some issues. There are actually less options than the original game had, the physics are apparently still locked to 30 FPS, and it’s already CTD’d on me once.

Take a look at these graphics options: https://gyazo.com/86edf09d920ff7af0c5fd121f0c693e7


It’s for original flavour bioshock but i wonder if it’ll work on the remaster. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=566588100

Yeesh, i saw some people are having trouble with that. luckily i put it on the SSD, haven’t had anything over 30 seconds. still long compared to well optimized games though, maybe it’ll rear it’s ugly head in the later areas.



So my Aion legion got a fort today and helped flip a second to our faction. And I led it. Leading one of these takes hours of preparation and involves coordinating over 100 players at a time, so it’s an intimidating task.

Feeling accomplished but very nervous because people will expect me to know what I’m doing O_O
I didn’t really feel like I lead it, so much as just greased the wheels to let the people who knew their shot do their shit. But whatever, I own a fort in a giant magical void now so I feel great.



I’ve been reading the Bioshock subreddit and it seems to be quite the shitty remaster. As I expected, texture/graphics quality varies a lot - from being a lot better in some places to quite obvious downgrades in others.
Bugs and general issues (audio namely) that existed in the original weren’t fixed and there are some new ones popping up too. I’m pretty glad I didn’t get my hopes up for this. My own copy is downloading right now so we’ll see how it goes for me personally.

Then again, maybe it’ll be like the Darksiders 2 remaster where it was released in a sub-optimal condition but was eventually patched and fixed into a much better spot.

What I played today - Bioshock Infinite: 1999 Mode. I’m nearing the bit with the Siren. Honestly I was stressing about how hard the game would be and what’s the best vigors, gears, weapons and whatnot, but I’ve found just going with what feels good and fun is more important than what is necessarily best.
Edit: Okay I can see why people say equip melee gear and max charge for the Siren fights. They’re really bullshit and unfun in 1999 using pretty much any other method. I already hated the fights on normal, these just make me want to not continue tbh.


Double posting for a new day, screw it.
Took a break from Bioshock Infinite for a bit and started playing Metro 2033: Redux since I kept trying it then giving up. It’s quite a good game in and of itself don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t enjoy it that much.

Went back to Bio: Inf and dreaded the Siren fight knowing without the Charge Aid I’d never be able to do it, but I was about 500 eagle short. Decided to actually walk around the entire “Downtown Emporia” level to see if I could scrounge up some cash and I managed to get around 900 more eagles than I needed so now I can proceed to faceroll the Siren fights then play the rest of the game with my actual upgrades/powers that I chose.
Feels really shitty to be almost forced into doing this though.

On the plus note 1999 Mode has helped me actually search around more and pay attention to things so even before the Siren fight I’ve maxed both shield and salts and there are at least 2-3 Infusions to get so I can buff my health a bit.


still playing Mankind Divided trying to finish all of the side quests.

I’m working on the penguin king achievement.


Finished Metro 2033: Redux.
Look it wasn’t the most enjoyable game ever, but it was still a decent experience and if anything it was gorgeous to look at (particularly the outside areas).

Going to start Last Light soon, since I heard that one is more liked by people and I’m definitely excited for the bigger variety in mutants and weaponry.
Edit: Apparently I also have all the DLC for LL, didn’t know that. Awesome.


Tried some GoldenEye: Source recently. It great fun! I really enjoy a couple of fast round once in a while. and oh so much nostalgia… The recreation of the leves is really great. And I heard they are working on SP, too. So that is quite something to look forward to!


I got started on Dark Souls III. So far, so good.


I found a copy of Lair for 99 cents. Fuck it, I’ll give it a shot.


Been playing Doom 3 a lot these days (the first time I ever played the game myself actually lol, as some people’s very negative views prevented me from doing it until recently, when I finally had the chance).

It’s very good gotta say this, I love(d) (close to finishing the last levels) it, and it’s definitely much creepier than the first 2 games (that, with the possible exception of the 2nd game’s soundtrack in some levels on Hell though. Played it on a Win 98 machine when I was 5… bad idea indeed. One of them gave me nightmares for a long period of time), although it can become a little frustrating after a while to crawl in vents and struggle to see in the dark here and there. Still, for a 2004 game, the shadows look really impressive.

The only problems that are easily noticeable after a while are the enemy encounters, which become repetitive, and the jump scares seem to be overemphasized as well.

Either way, it’s MUCH better than what I was led to believe. This is what you get for not trying something yourself I guess, even though I still wonder where all that hate came from, just like with Doom 2016, which looks amazing as well.