What Game Did You Play Today?


Tried out the new CoD’s multiplayer. Pretty good stuff, it looks like they’ve really fixed some of the stupid issues from Blops3. Plus the weapons and shit is way more balanced and cooler. Overall its an improvement. Let’s hope the story is good cause Blops3 sucked ass.


Dark Souls 3, and I’m so sad right now.

[spoiler]I dutifully followed Siegward of Catarina’s quest line, because he’s a fucking bro. Then I got to Yhorm the Giant, I go through the fog door, the cutscene is playing with Siegward walking in at my side, and my FUCKING CONTROLLER’S BATTERIES DIE.

So this cutscene finishes and Siegward is getting ganked as I’m fumbling new batteries into the controller. After standing still for the first 20 seconds of the fight, I have just enough time to make it across the room grab the Storm Ruler, and equip it, and then Yhorm kills Siegward, and me shortly afterwards.[/spoiler]
He deserved better. He deserved better than I could give. A toast to you, Siegward of Catarina.

I love videogames.


Been playing Just Cause 3 the last week or so. I got my doub;e grappling hook, and wing suit, and now I am holding off on all further story missions until I have liberated every settlement in the game.


Been playing Battlefield 1 for the past few days.

The campaign is… Eh. It’s dramatic, and in particular I really like the tank missions, but it’s short and seems really scattered. Not to mention… I was looking forward to dramatic trench storming in at least ONE of them, but I didn’t get that at all really. The closest was The Runner, which was alright, but suffered from trying to get you to feel bad at the end for characters you don’t really develop any sort of connection to really.

Where it shines, and where Battlefield always has shined, is in its multiplayer. It is fucking awesome. You have so many immersion moments, so many wins and losses, it FEELS like you’re in a war. Battlefield 3/4 were great about it to, but this… It’s so gritty and real. The weapons are all great, and for the first time ever, or at least since 1942, I actually LIKE the recon class. The sniping feels tight and the rounds really seem to do some meaty damage. It’s not a stupid ass catapult like the others have been, it feels like a real bullet.

Overall, 10/10 multiplayer, 7/10 campaign simply because it’s beautiful and immerse, but lacks emotional impact with most of the characters and seems to rush the story lines too much.


I´ve also played Battlefield 1.

Some changes are good, some are bad.
Overall, I´d say it´s a better game than BF4.

As for the campaign, I was pleasantly surprised.
Like with BF4, I didnt expect a good campaign at all. But in contrast to BF4, BF1 doesn´t have a campaign that is complete and utter shit, it´s actually quite decent.
I enjoyed the open stealth parts most, like the one in the “Through mud and blood” chapter. I haven´t played the Bedouin chapter yet, but from what I´ve heard it´s mostly that stealth gameplay.

War Pigeons is one of my favourite new additions to the franchise, it´s like Obliteration, but more fun.


I had to start the story back up to get the last base. It had a defense system that could only be turned off through one of the missions. Once that was done I ripped through it in a jiff. I have now liberated everything.


The new COD Infinite warfare on pc, is absolutely amazing, don’t listen to the haters, its good, very good. My favorite though are the people complaining about it being pay to win, or pay to get the good weapons. lol, fun fact, you cant buy anything in game or elsewhere other than the season pass, there are no microtransactions, … as of yet. all guns and variations can be earned easily just by playing the game. If you liked games like quake 3, the fast paced speed fps games. This is the fastest fps game to date, by a mile.

Here is the review I put up on steam.

Take a moment and read this. THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC. Review based on Campaign and Multiplayer.

People are complaining about the loot drops, how its pay to win. Please show me where you can even purchase a loot drop. They dont exist. Only things I have seen for sale is the season pass. I’m sure there will likely be some type of packages for purchase at some point. For now, you can get every weapon with keys earned in game. Its NOT PAY TO WIN OR PAY TO PLAY ANYWHERE. Its just play the game, earn the points and trade for drops. At some point I’m sure there will be microtransactions, but right now, there isn’t, everyone complaining about it, they are complaining about something that isnt even there. People are putting out a lot of bad info.

As for the game, the campaign is great, I love sci-fi and this has been a healthy dose of it. Its well written, the dialogue is good, not the typical cheese thrown into fps games as filler. I’m about half way through the campaign and there have been plenty of Holy Crap moments. I havent enjoyed a COD campaign this much since the first Modern Warfare. The campaign has been a pleasant surprise as it is much better than I had hoped. Now for the multiplayer, performance and graphics.

This game has it all, this is by far the fastest FPS game ever made. There isnt a single FPS that can compare to the speed of the multiplayer here, the only one that is close is Quake 3. I play HC deathmatch for the most part, so you only need a couple of hits on each player to move onto the next, this keeps the gameplay frantic. When you learn how deep the movement system really is, you will be blown away, its fast, VERY VERY FAST. You can play some maps without ever touching the floor, or you can play every map without ever getting off the ground. The weapon builds along with the perks and the rig classes allow for a HUGE amount of customization of gameplay styles. There is no overpowering meta build that everyone will focus on, you can build any type of combination into a powerhouse. , the map design is on par with the original MW maps. They just feel great, from the lanes of travel, to spots you can set up an ambush, or you can snipe from a good spot if you find one. The freedom of movement here is unmatched by any other games. It takes a little practice to master, but once you have it, it becomes second nature and sometimes you will pull off movement combos and say to yourself, “did i really just do that?!!?” SMG play is best suited for high speed, high agility game play, sliding by an opponent to tag him when you go by followed by boosting into the air and hopping from left to right walls, passing other players beneath you, then turning and delivering some SMG Fury, it just feels too good. Rifles and heavier weapons are more suited for the larger maps and a little slower play, every bit as lethal as SMG’s. Good variation with the perk systems, that allow for really, any combo and game play style.

Then you have rig specific PAYLOAD weapons and skills. I can tell you that EVERY weapon feels good, the weapon effects are impressive, from the particles, to the relfecting bullets and shrapnel. The very first rig’s payload weapon “the Claw” can clear a room in less than a second with a huge field of fire and an insane fire rate. It will leave you giggling. Then the heavier class, you have a heavy weapon that is a nod to Half-lifes Gluon gun. When you unleash the beam of death upon a foe, you get to see them pop, literally, gratuitous popping sound included. Then you have weapon variations, EVERYTHING can be unlocked in game, just by playing. I’ve already unlocked a few of the Loot drop box exclusive weapons. Without paying for anything loot boxes, There isnt a place to even buy loot boxes, as of yet. So please disregard people saying that you have to buy them. YOU DONT.

How does it perform? It runs great on my system. It booted right up and played with zero problems even before updating to the current nvidia drivers. The audio is certainly on point here. Every gun sounds good, there is no pew pew sounding pee shooters here. Everything is crisp, clear, and has the bass and thump when it needs it. There is a HUGE amount of customization and optimization options in game. Ive seen a lot of people saying they have had problems with frame rates, even on high end equipment. I think the majority of this is their own configs. Sure there are things that will be improved via patches. But there are many things that can be causing this on their end. A big problem people have had with frame rate with games on steam has been caused by the WIN 10 backround services, the xbox services that run by default in the backround has caused many a frame rate dip on many games. Disabling that may improve your fps problems. Also, disabling nvidia share, or shadow play may improve problems as well.

My only one gripe so far is the capped 91fps in multiplayer, the campaign is uncapped, but the multiplayer can go no higher than 91 fps. I’m sure there will be a fix for this shortly. But even 91 fps is pretty nice performance. You wont notice it at all unless you are running a high refresh rate monitor, like a 144hz. I run an i7 5820k, 64g of ram, and a msi 1080. All stock speeds, at 1440p everything maxed, I have a constant 125fps solid in campaign, and a solid 91 fps in multiplayer. I cant reccomend this game enough.

If you are looking for a fresh fps experience, that is fast, and feels great, THIS IS IT.


I just finished the campaign for Infinite Warfare and. . . . Holy. . . Holy shit. That was. . . So much better than I was expecting. Like. Idk if there’s multiple endings based on how much stuff you do? ? I hope so. But, either way, that ending was. . . . Holy shit.

I have so few complaints. My biggest is that it’s short. Probably the shortest CoD campaign to date, really. But it’s satisfying at the same time. There’s essentially 4 or 5 main missions and then a bunch of side ops. If you did JUST the campaign it’s like a few hours, between I’d say 3 to 5 hours long. With all the side ops, probably more like 7 to 9 hours total, that’s how long it took me. So it’s pretty short. My second biggest complaint is that there isn’t much character/player development time. It’s not heavy on it, but treats their aspects of the game like it is. I won’t ruin anything, but as a result of not developing a relationship to them, or allowing it to happen rather, it kinda detracts from parts of the story. Still. . . Still pretty holy shit though.

My third biggest concern was this stupid fucking bug. Essentially, at least on PS4, there’s a glitch that removes all your upgrade progress from side ops but keeps your campaign progress, so I lost all my shit but was still at the end of the game basically. Had to do all the side ops again, but some weapons were unlocked via campaign and so I didn’t have them anymore unless it was defaulted as the suggested load out for the mission. As a result, like I mentioned with possibly having multiple endings (gave me that feeling really) it might have had a negative effect on the ending. But I don’t know, I’ll hafta play through it again and see.

Seriously, like, this story mode is awesome other than being short and rushing itself a little. That and I felt like the ending came on too fast, because it just got chaotic so quickly. It’s beautiful, fun, and gripping however. I kept coming back for more. Even the side ops are fun, with the bad ass jackal combat in space to invading ships.

Haven’t hit multiplayer yet, but I will. Beta wasn’t bad, but it needed some improvements.


The mp is faaaast, I hope you get to play it on pc. when its cranked, its pretty spectacular,


I replayed 5 Days a Stranger, and I’ll probably go on to replay the others, as well. These were pretty good games, especially Trilby’s Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice.


Played some MW2 multiplayer/spec ops, CS:GO and replayed Black Mesa for the hell of it


I’ve been playing a lot of Star Trek Online lately.

Cryptic has taken the game so far, I think it’s fair to say it’s a completely different game than it was at launch. It’s certainly not perfect, but I still enjoy it.


Titanfall 2.

It’s really good, but the multiplayer maps feel awfully colorless compared to Titanfall 1,

Edit: Oh, and I also have the previous post in this thread still. That’s embarrassing.


Yeah, Titanfall 2 is a wonderful game, I loved the singleplayer, the multiplayer is really good like in TF|1 and it has more content in general.

But there are 4 things TF|1 did better than TF|2:

-Level Design
-Environment Art
-Immersion (this may be kinda weird, but TF|1 was a pretty immersing game at times)


My friend is making me play through VA-11 HALL-A.

I wanna work at a comfy bar, now…


I’m playing the Ashes of Ariandel DLC for Dark Souls 3. Parts of it are fucked hard. I just went through an area where I counted thirty mid-level mob enemies.

EDIT: Okay, yeah. This DLC is a great example of one of the things that I like least about Dark Souls 3, which is that parts of it feel like they’re designed around the co-op, rather than around the single-player PvE experience. You could play Dark Souls 1 without any co-op at all and it was still quite possible to beat. Dark Souls 3? Not so much.

EDIT EDIT: I see DS3 won the Love/Hate Relationship Steam Award.

I just spent four hours running the final boss (finally beat it), and yeah, that quote is completely accurate.


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong number

…back to a ultrabrutal, murdurous yet stylish killing frenzy fueled by heart-pounding electronic music. I love it.


I agree 100%. Cutting to third person when getting into your titan in TF2 is kinda lame compared to how all mounts and dismounts in TF1 were first-person. The soundtrack to 1 was also supurb with some pretty memorable themes cropping up here and there, and TF2 felt more like Portal 2 in that it was mostly a reactive score that just faded into the background.


I think you got the wrong thread there BendyBread


So I do, thanks. LOL.

In actual thread related news - Started up Tomb Raider (2013) again. I wasn’t far into it but I did remember getting to the part where shit is finally going down. I forgot it was actually quite a fun game and how much I enjoy actually getting to use a bow.