What Game Did You Play Today?


Replayed Sonic and the Secret Rings via dolphin and emulating the controls so I don’t have to use dumb Wii remote waggle bullshit.

Turns out – game is still put together trash. I straight up fell through a lot of platforms and the level design continues to be horrendously cheap. Even with normal button layouts and responsive inputs, it’s still worse to control than even Sonic 06.

Still, puts my premonitions of “maybe I just didn’t understand how motion controls work ten years ago” to bed. I wonder if Black Knight is this bad, because I seem to remember not hating it as much.


How many sonic games are there? Cause I’ve been frequenting this thread for years, and it seems like you’re always playing like a new one or something.

On another note, I’ve been obsessed with Overwatch.


So since last time I posted - Finished Tomb Raider. Awesome game, loved it.

Finished Metro: Last Light. I had gotten maybe 1/3 of the way through it months back and finally played through it and finished it off. Again, fantastic game. Thoroughly enjoyed playing it and loved it to bits. Still got the DLC to do so I’m excited for that.

Started playing Warframe. Can’t tell if I like it so far. The tutorial levels/missions were fine but from there it just throws you into the deep end and goes “figure it out”. I have friends playing it and of course online resources but it’s super annoying. The grinding can be annoying but it’s not the worst.
I genuinely hate/loathe the forging though. 12 or 24 hours for crafting I could get over but 3 whole days to build a new frame unless you pay for a “rush” with platinum. Really stupid.


That’s weird, because I recently picked it up in the Steam sale and started playing it close to when the year started. (3rd Jan)

I loved the game, and the music.


Ah! Warframe! I used to adore that game even before there was a proper tutorial. I’d be happy to help out, just PM me on here if you have questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Heck, maybe we could run stuff together- I have some frames that still need levels.


Thanks for the offer. Luckily I’m playing with friends, and 1 of them is almost ‘complete’ with the game, he’s got so much knowledge and actual content.

Currently crafting my Frost frame, Pyrana and Galatine. Should all be done by tomorrow so I’m really excited. Currently have a Dread bow which is apparently really good.


You got a Dread that fast? I forget if that’s clantech now. That used to be hard to score because you had to kill Stalker for it.


2 of my friends have been playing for years. So it was easy for us to just get in a squad together (also they had a clan, yes, but we got the dread blueprint via the Stalker).

Currently just levelling my frost, pyrana now. Galatine levelled the fastest for some reason. It’s a very fun game, I’m just trying to “catch up” atm. When I do solo missions or play with the other new guy it’s more fun than going with the higher level guys, because there I mostly feel useless and just run around picking stuff up, since I don’t do much damage.

IMO the game needs to fix/overhaul some things like starting out/getting into things. Mastery system IMO just incentivizes going for any weapons just for points rather than focusing on what you really need or want.


Only use the plat they give you to get an extra frame slot and extra weapon slots. Consider buying some to get more slots if you enjoy the game enough.


The team also streams to update the community on the game’s development and gives out three packages of 1k plat by lottery. I actually won some plat this way, so definitely tune in when you can.


Bought Resident Evil 7 a couple days back, beat it about 15 minutes ago.

I give it a solid 9/10. If you are hesitant to buy it because it’s first person, an “Outlast Clone”, not like the 1st one, etc, I recommend you just buy it anyways. You won’t regret it. If you’re doing it on PS4 like I am, I HIGHLY recommend buying a VR headset. It will take the entire experience to a whole new level.

A little more in depth below-

I… Honestly, I was kinda blown away. This game runs circles around its competition, and it even beats out all its own predecessors too. Top notch atmosphere, amazing lighting, great gameplay, and a fantastic story all around. My biggest complaint, I’d hafta say, is that it began to rely too heavily on action/suspense towards the end and less on survival/horror/suspense. However, it makes up for that by making every boss fight quite memorable and not at all very easy.

I feel like they maybe focused a litttllleee too much on Jack, but, he was a very well done antagonist (and one of the best characters too) so I can let that slide I think.

The twists the story takes, and how it all ties together neatly at the end are just great, it leaves little to no questions unanswered. Well. There is one or two I still have. Maybe I missed it, but-

[spoiler]Who the hell does Mia and that one dude work for? And why is there a Redfield working for Umbrella, and also, why is Umbrella saving the day?[spoiler]


I’ve recently been playing a game I recently discovered on Steam called INFRA. It’s fairly straightforward- you’re an average structural analyst sent to investigate a few structures around the city…

…and you basically figure out that one of the men who pretty much built your city has managed to bribe officials to let him avoid maintaining any of said structures, and the city is probably going to crumble in front of you if you don’t do something. There’s a few more plot points as well, but I’ll just let you discover them for yourself.

All in all, it isn’t a great game (voice acting needs a fair amount of work, and the puzzles can occasionally be confusing- I got lost a few times because I wasn’t sure what to do, although maybe that’s partially my fault), but I’d say it’s definitely a decent experience. Was satisfying enough for me to want to come back and complete it, that’s for sure.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I’m actually kinda sad about how much hate the game got. It’s actually pretty great. It took me about how long it took to get to Hengsha 2 in Human Revolution to complete, and I was going pretty slowly in both games to take screenshots (and in HR’s case, I was listening to developer commentary too). I liked the new augmentation choices, loved the high fidelity of all of the game’s locations, loved the new sidequests (The Harvester was full of curveballs and had a great little noir story that builds on the main game’s themes in interesting ways), and just on the whole really enjoyed myself playing it. So it doesn’t globetrot like HR or the other games. It’s still quite well done.

The ending was pretty abrupt though, and some of the running plot threads were left twisting in the wind. But Mass Effect 3 levels of clusterfuck it is not. Definitely pick it up and give it a chance.
(The game does have some stability problems though- I got some random crashes here and there, so be sure to save often.)


Check out Accursed Farms review the Deus Ex franchise.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl. It’s appropriately bleak given the freezing wind and snow outside my window. I like how the dialogue is primarily text based other than a few barks and at some story moments. I want to see a modern shooter try that route, the developers could save a few bucks instead of hiring some celebrity to yawn through a script. Stalker’s dialogue isn’t good, or even the main focus of the game but for some reason I enjoy having to read instead of being talked at in an fps.

My plan is to race for the endgame, gun run to accumulate rubles, stockpile exoskeletons and high damage weapons then distribute them among all the lowly stalkers in the starting areas for giggles. I did a cursory google to see if i could just command console the money or equipment but I couldn’t find anything so it looks like I’ll be doing it the old fashioned way.


The Swapper. My brother got this for me for Christmas I think two years ago and I’m just now playing it. It’s good.


Still haven’t finished it, according to steam it’s been nearly a year since I touched it which is a shame since I really did like it. I think I’m about 75% done with it.

Keep me/us informed how it goes! :slight_smile:


Oh, I finished it same day. Steam says it took me 4 hours. It was good. I feel like a not-insignificant part of the 4 hours was me getting stuck on one puzzle in particular.

I’ll probably play it again. I only found 1 of 10 secrets, and there’s another ending for me to check out, too.

It will probably make you feel feelings. For some reason, I felt very at peace playing it, even though the story is ethically disturbing and kind of tragic. I found the “enemies” very sympathetic. I’m very deeply existentially nihilist, and the whole thing resonated with me really well.

EDIT: Now I’m playing Hollow Knight and holy hell it’s so good.


I’ve spent a month straight recompiling and replaying my mod in one form or another. Somehow, it remains fun to play my map. I think that’s the advantage of a more open design- the AI has room to move, catch me off guard, surprise me by being more aggressive.


wrong thread woops


Been going thru Ocarina of Time recently. Good old game.

Anyone gotten Mass Effect? Andromeda, of course. What’s your honest opinion of it? I loved the other 3, but I keep getting reaaalllyyyy mixed reviews on it online. I trust a portion of you guys, as I’ve gotten to know you thru this site for the past, like, 6 plus years.