What Game Did You Play Today?


I finished both Danganronpa games in about a week and a half. Now I’m just waiting for Danganronpa v3 to come out in October.


I just finished Hollow Knight for the second time, and got what’s probably the true ending. God damn this game is SO GOOD.


Got my copy of Persona 5 off Amazon, starting it now. It’s everything I wanted and more. They have such great new story going on, and the improvements to the gameplay make everything so much more fast, fluid, and fun.


I’ve been playing Dark Souls 3 and just got to the new DLC. It’s hard as balls. I also gave Shovel Knight its third chance, but it seems that this is a game I can’t like no matter how hard I try.


Still playing Persona 5. This might be the best game ever made. I do NOT say that lightly.


Quake champions. Everything I wanted. Straight up Deathmatch at super speed. Feels very very Quake 3. Oh how I missed this type of fps.


I have played a bit of it. I was really digging the gameplay. Story seemed ok so far. Graphics are really quite good. I dont know why it has recieved so much hate. Alot of the animations are very good, especially combat. Feels very tight. Some facial animations were a little weird at launch. If you want to try the game, you can play it for 10 hours for 5 bucks… Really my only complaint is the cast of characters. They deliver the story fine, they are like the cast of Starship troopers only less likeable


Battlefield 2.
Oh my god, this is still as fun as I remembered it. Now it’s even moreso because I’m not trash :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I ended up buying it. Beat it a couple days back, sank about 40 hours into it with a 55% completion rating.

Overall, it’s a solid 7/10. The visuals are pretty damn good, the game play is pretty entertaining as well. Characters are… Meh. The original crew is missed greatly by me.

The acting is pretty bad sometimes, and it bothers me that male Ryder is such a sarcastic guy all the time, most choices are you joking around. Which, I mean, is like me irl, but it makes it hard to like him and relate because sometimes, the joking is pretty out of place.

The story is meh at first, and it kinda gets better as it goes. I hope, much like the first games, it gets better with the sequels.

I recommend it, but don’t expect to be blown away tbh.


I was going to try out Alice: Madness returns, but life is too short for games that don’t let you invert the camera controls.


I really hope you do end up playing it, it’s a fantastic game.


Who here has played a fair amount of quake 3? and if so, have you tried the quake champions beta?


I have played Q1, Q2, Q3 and Reflex in multiplayer and in my opinion, Quake Champions is decent.
I do think that the game would be much better if it didn’t have champions and if the different champions didn’t have different movement physics, but I did have fun.
What I don’t like at all is how you have to actually pay for the characters if you want to keep them forever. So far I haven’t really been annoyed by the champions abilities, though some abilities are a bit too good in relation to the others (eg. Anarki’s healing thing).


I have been enjoying it a lot. I think the champion skills bring just a little change to the game but I like it, doesn’t feel game breaking at all and still feels like quake. Its funny you mention Anarki, that’s who I like to use but I have a gripe that he doesn’t have enough health. I do however think that sorlags acid needs to be nerfed a bit. As for paying for the heros, that doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a free game after all, so supporting a dev that puts together a game that I enjoy playing, no problem, take my money!


I’ve been playing an awful lot of Player Unknown Battle Grounds.

Really fun game with the right people.


The Witcher 3. The last time I played this game, I didn’t like it because it wasn’t Dark Souls. Now that I’m giving it a real chance, it’s everything that Skyrim should have been.


I just started TW3 as well. I’d intended to start with TW1 but the combat for that one is REALLLLLLY boring.


I remember trying TW1 once. I’ll never forget that goofy fast style with the sword held way over his head.


I have tw3 but haven’t put much into it yet, I have been playing guild wars 2 daily and just reinstalled gears of war 4 on pc, LOOKS AMAZING ON PC, a lot of quake champions as well, plus titanfall 2, new titan dropped a couple of days ago!


TEKKEN 7 ON PC…AND IT AWWWWESOME… if you play, hit me up, drgibbles2002 on steam