What Game Did You Play Today?


I just spent a week hiking around the Utah high desert, and it really made we want to play Fallout: New Vegas. But, I’m trying to wait to start a new Fallout 3/New Vegas game until Tale of Two Wastelands 3.0 releases, which seems like it has to be any day now. So instead, I modded up Fallout 4 and gave it another try. An hour and 15 minutes in, I forgot what a mess this game is. 30 FPS in interiors on my monster 980 Ti/16GB RAM/i7 6700K build, different menus having differing button schemes, rebinding keys making all the menus an even bigger mess than they already were…

EDIT: And then I thought, “Why the hell do I want to play Fallout 3, anyway?” and I stopped waiting for TOTW.


I’ve started playing through Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc again. I just finished Ultra Despair Girls and Danganronpa 3 (the anime) which has made me really want to go back and play Dangan 1 & 2 again, so I’m going to try and get through them before I start university in about 4 days.


I’ve been playing a lot of Hotline Miami recently, mainly to 100% the achievements, but it’s still fun nevertheless :smiley:


Steady rotation of Warframe, Tekken 7, and even Street fighter 4…


Woo, fellow Warframer!

I haven’t posted in here for a while but a week or 2 back I finished “Ori and the blind forest”. Was a really nice game. Combat was a little too simplistic for my own tastes but the actual manoeuvrability of Ori is super fun as you unlock more powers. I really enjoy metroidvania style games.


Finished Danganronpa 1, time for School Mode!


Broke down and got Street Fighter V… soooooo much better than 4, that’s for damn sure, only an hour in and it just feels soooo much tighter, faster, and easier to tie combos together than 4, and the speed is juuuust right


Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

Good lord, this game is convoluted. The flow chart is ridiculous.


Hollow Knight’s first free DLC is out, so it’s time to play this delightful game again.


I just finished Seasons After Fall, which I picked up in the summer sale.

I think this game’s about a 5/10. It’s got good art, decent music, decent story, good platforming, and a few interesting puzzle elements, but also a bunch of not-so-interesting puzzle elements, and the main gimmick (switching the seasons to activate different puzzle elements) ends up being annoying. In order to traverse a level from one side to the other, you have to stop at various points to switch the seasons just so the path forward opens. That’s not a puzzle; that’s just pointless busywork.

If you enjoy games that build a world and deliver an experience, it may be worth picking up on sale for cheap.


I have to try and convince you, on my knees, pleading with you. If you have not tried TitanFall 2, you are doing yourself a great injustice. You can try it for a month for 5 dollars, the single player is absolutely amazing, the multiplayer is stunning. It feels so good from top to bottom you will ask yourself why you took this long to try it. You can sign up on origin for vault access, which will give you access to 75 or so games, including some of the newest games out. I’m not advertising for the platform, I Just want you to try titanfall 2, that’s it, 5 bucks you can try it out. I promise you will love it. it still has a steady playerbase on pc of about 2.5k to 5k daily. Never have to wait long for a game, read ANY review of it. Truly something to behold.

Titan Fall 2 … TRY IT!!!


Titanfall 2 is a damn good game. Best single player shooter I’ve played since Wolf:TNO.


Whoa whaa… are we talkin 'bout Titanfall 2?
Fantastic game, play it if you haven’t, best shooter to come out in the last couple of years.


Taiko no Tatsujin V Version.

I love rhythm games, I just wish I was actually good at any of them.


Metroid: Samus Returns. The difficulty is obnoxious. I think I still like the game, but basic enemies do like 60 damage


Xamarin: How to get text over buttons with images.

It’s really fun, you guys should really try it out!


The game that recreates HL1 in Source engine, the name escapes me.


I just started Little Nightmares. I threw this game on my wishlist the second I heard someone compare it to INSIDE, and then bought it on a sale at some point.

It’s not as good as INSIDE, but the comparison is deserved. It’s like that game in that it’s got minimal gameplay and focuses more on art, atmosphere, and delivering an experience. I don’t think that’s a bad thing; I’m actually a sucker for games like this. I loved Dear Esther, loved LIMBO and INSIDE (although LIMBO is one of those games that I love, but never want to play again… like Cave Story), and loved To The Moon. So I think games like this can be good.

The game has a good aesthetic, but for a horror game, it can’t seem to build any tension. I just finished the first two levels, and at no point did I feel the pressing need to get away from the monster. I was never tense or on edge sneaking around it or avoiding it.

On a positive/mixed note:

[spoiler]Your character periodically becomes ravenously hungry, and you have to eat something before you can proceed.

The first time, there’s a kid on the other side of some bars who throws you a piece of bread.

The second time, it happens in a room where there are some rats running around, and I found myself thinking, “oh, this is going to be rad if it makes you catch and eat one of the rats.” But no, there’s a piece of food in an open cage, and you go into the cage to eat it, at which point the monster catches you (surprising nobody, but I don’t think it’s really supposed to).

The third time, though, it again happens in a room with some rats, and there are mousetraps down. One of the rats gets caught in a trap and is in its death throes, and you go over and eat it alive.

So that’s cool and gruesome, and there’s a pretty good building, creepy soundtrack piece every time the hunger thing happens, but it’s a shame that I was able to predict eating the rat so easily.[/spoiler]

I’m not too thrilled with the game so far, but I get the feeling that it could build on me.


I’ve been sucked back into Guild Wars 2, the expansion so far is so so… the fun part though, I’ve only played one class since launch… made a new character… Necros are fun!


I just finished the first trial of Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony.

Holy actual fuck.

edit: i’m now up to the beginning of chapter 6. i really, really like this game, but apparently the ending kind of sucks, so i’m quite worried about that.

double edit: finished it. ultimately satisfied.